Monday, May 08, 2006

The 'Laksa' Is NOT Delicious's movie outing again~ ;) FYI, I'm so excited and looking forward to each outing. I anticipate to watch something that really STICK and STAY in my mind until the coming of the next movie outing. For this week, after much enjoyment in watching Gubra, and with the purpose to support our local film industry *eceh*, I chose another Malay movie called Man Laksa. It's a film by Mamat Khalid, and since I've watched Rock (also by Mamat Khalid) before, I guess this one will make me laughing hard as well...boy, am I WRONG!!! I'm not laughing, and it's such a shame 'coz the story really has a good plot...One more thing, I seriously can't stand a movie, where the casts say something but their mouths are shaping something else! There's totally NO synchronization, OK? *sigh* I'm MAJORLY disappointed ;(

But u guys know what? My disappointments are always short-lived...At the same time, I got myself a copy of Premelodic first EP, heee :D *laughing with glee*, I bought it at a CD shop called "Rock Corner" in Midvalley, near the GSC. I believe that good food and good music can wash away your sorrows *haha*. So, not satisfied with only getting the EP, I also gobbled some sushis and misu shiru and unagis at the Sushi King...Owh and YES, I was pretty happy after that~ ;)


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ape gelak2?
simbah ngan kuah laksa kang~
*eceh, garang la sgt* ;p