Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Poetry That Speaks For ME

While flipping through my XFresh note book just now, I came across a poetry that I had planned to submit to PERSETANKAN as my 2nd submission for the "PUITIS" theme. But as I don't have any appropriate silhouette pictures to complement it, I totally abandoned the idea..."Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs" and also a few old memories which I HATE to remember but keep on rewinding when triggered with the correct potion, inspired me to write the poetry...Haha :D Owh well, life goes on *sigh*...Hadapi dengan senyuman~ ;)

Anyway, here's the poetry (sorry, it's in Bahasa):

suapan khabar-khabar tersogok,
cerita hebat sang perempuan helat,
perangkap pesona pesong perjerat pria,
bisakah jemput percaya dan angguk kepala?

melumat di lubuk hatimu yang dangkal,
mudah sangsi, polos dengan seleweng keji,
sinonimkah aku dengan sang kebayan,
yang menyuntik racun jiwamu dengan kucupan?

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