Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hoppipolla In TV Commercials?

Sigur Ros has made their mark on Malaysia's TV Commercials? *u might be asking* Thanx to Erik who point this out to me...We were having late night dinner together when he suddenly asked me to turn my attention to an HSBC Insurance commercial on the big 43inch screen.

"What so special about that?" I asked.
"No, no, LISTEN! Listen carefully to the jingles!" Erik insisted.
Owhhhh, why, it's HOPPIPOLLA lah!!

Sure enough, it's subtly modified should I say, but it's undoubtly Hoppipolla;) Lebih menarik lagi, Erik said that another commercial is also using Hoppipolla-like jingles, a commercial from M Mobile *our own Malaysian made mobile phone with Mawi as their product ambassador tu* I've watched both commercials, and yes, the similarity is there. We start discussing whether there's any possibility that a same advertising company is doing both of the commercials OR maybe that suddenly, everybody is listening to Sigur Ros~ *huehuehue* ;)

Btw, here is a sample of Sigur Ros' Hoppipolla and the M Mobile Commercial *found by Erik in You Tube*. He can't find the HSBC Insurance commercial though..maybe it's simply because there's no Mawi in it~ teeheehee ;p Thanx Erik!!! :*

*oh yeah, just in case u're curious, Hoppipolla means "Hopping into Puddles" - isn't tht cute?* ;)

Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla

M Mobile Commercial


xhazairinbudimanx said...

yeah.. sama laa.. ngaa..ngaa.. eh btw. apa kabar? moga sihat.. lalalla

Azzu said...

tu ler!~ samer! teehee :D aku sehat2 ajer, cume buzi terlampau-lampau..kau sehat kah jugek?