Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sudah Tahu Bertanya Pula Part.05

Sudah Tahu Bertanya Pula on 13th May...YEAY!! I've been looking forward for this gig since April 'coz Kamarol's band Mixing Red and Blue (MRAB) will perform on the day. After so many late nights of joining their jamming sessions *menyibuk*, I can't wait to watch them performing my favourite song called "Not As Much As Tomorrow" :D

On 13th May, me and Erik reached Tunestone Klang a 'lil early and the organizer (Demise Records) was still in Ampang, gathering the bands together for a convoy to Tunestone. The gig which was supposed to start at 1pm, bermula around 03.30pm with a replacement band called Teenage Glory for The Wasted...Heavily influenced by bands like Sigur Ros and Mogwai, their music is SO BEAUTIFUL with funny names *contohnye: "Nasir Bilal Khan"* ;p I'm totally spellbounded and literally gasping for air!

The 2nd band was MRAB. Started with
"Not As Much As Tomorrow", they really heated up the show and made my day ;) As usual, Andy the Vox was so energetic, doing his acrobatic acts and at the same time screaming his heart out ;) We didn't stay long *very, very tiredlah* and decided to go back when there were another two bands yet to perform. Btw, below are some of the awesome photos of MRAB, snapped by Erik with his E-500...Thanks ye taw!~ :*


beck said...

teenage glory for the wasted amat sexy. aku minat gile. tgh tunggu demo yg tak kunjung tiba. kenapa semua org suak lagu NASIR BILAL KHAN tu ek?

huhu~ feel..

Azzu said...

dorang mmg besht sgt!~ in fact sumer lagu dorang sexy..aku plg suke lagu Marshmallow, sbb mase gig aritu dorang ubah sket endingnye. the ending is the climax! tak sedar tangan aku sampai urut dada masa ending lagu tuh. mmg superb beck!