Monday, April 24, 2006

Gubra Gubri

After sending my 'lil sis *Anna* to Pudu Station for her ride to Teluk Intan, I went straight back home. Earlier, to avoid the CRAZY traffic at Pudu, I parked my car at Titiwangsa LRT station and took the Star to Pudu. It's quite embarrassing for me to admit this, but LRT ride terrifies me!!! I can't sit still and I don't know where to look! It's like, at least someone is watching you directly in the eyes everytime you shift your gaze to another corner or direction~ Haha, I might sound paranoid to you, but it's truelah, OK? <-- tak puas hati :p

Btw, in the evening I went out with Erik for a movie~ Yeay!! :) We planned to watch GUBRA, and sure enough, no doubt, that Gubra is another winner from Kak Yasmin!~ It's funny, it's romantic, it's sweet, it's brutal...well, it's just LIFE. I even cried secretly :"> We waited until the end of the credits 'coz Erik said that the story has a little twist at the end. After seeing that part, I'm becoming more confused and started to derive my own conclusion and logic out of Gubra. Well..I THINK, that from the start of the movie up to the end of it is actually A DREAM. Orked, I believe is actually dreaming the WHOLE movie, until she finally picked up the phone and hugged the bare-chested Jason at her side *who I also believe is actually her husband and did not actually died in SEPET* Haha..Maybe...maybe... ;)


Aziya said...

duh...RM11?... naper mahal sgt?... GSC mmg mahal ke?... i rather go watch @ TGV

Azzu said...

dah mmg plan nak tgk kat gsc..rasenye ni tak semahal kat sunway! sunway aritu 12hengget!~ dahsyat!!

Anonymous said...

beli jer yang pairet
kan senang

Azzu said...

pairet tak best, sbb xdapat tgk besor2 cam wayang, puas mate memandang :D

Anonymous said...

belilah tv besar panggung
kan sama je

Azzu said...

tv besar panggong takde plak harge 11hengget, egege ;p

p/s: sape ni ye cik/incek anonymous?