Thursday, June 01, 2006

Moving to a New Office

Eventually and officially my office is now situated in Kota Damansara. After a few days of hustling and bustling, with packing things, moving this and that, finally, THANK GOD!! Thank you dear God! Tiringlah I tell you. I hate to move in a sense that there is a lot of work need to be done, but seriously I'm very happy with the new location *compared to Kepong..duh!* :P ;')
Tomorrow I'll be going to Putrajaya for a training. Mind u ladies and gentlemen, I AM THE INSTRUCTOR, bwahahaha!!!.....No, it's NOT fun since that I'm still lethargic with this pindah-pindah thingy *sigh*
I'm desperate for a vacation!!!
Singapore jom, tinguk Mogwai~ ;)
*sambil checking my purse*

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