Monday, June 05, 2006

Let's Unscramble The Code

I remember watching Man Laksa...It was somewhere early May. It's been a month already lah! After my traumatic experience with Man Laksa, I vowed not to watch any Malay movie *at the cinema* ANYMORE! I'm not saying that Malay movie sux ok? I'll surely bought the ori VCD if it's worth the watch *mane la pegi VCD PGL aku ye?*

Anyway, on June the 3rd, me and Erik went to GSC MidValley to watch the long-awaited, The Da Vinci Code...Huhuhu, I am so teruja! Hall 10 was SO packed. Our seat was the 2nd row from the large screen, and it was LARGE I tell you, but I dun mind a bit. I was immensely overjoyed at that time to fuss about petty things ;) Btw, the movie is spectacular. I love strong, heavy movies like Da Vinci, particularly if the story revolves around religion & politic *but NO war movie for me plis, it's just too sad*

What I like about The Da Vinci Code is that, it answers questions..there's a scene at the airport, and these guys are in the airplane, running from the police, and I was like: "hey, how come they get inside the car so fast?" and presto at that moment there's a scene showing that they had jumped out from the moving plane and rushed to hide inside the nice, shining, black antique car *is that Aston Martin or Bentley?..;p~~~*

I love this movie and I dun mind to watch it over and over again. Even kawan kite *Erik* was glued to his chair from start until the end of the movie. Tak keluar hisap rokok tu! Hehe ;D

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