Thursday, June 08, 2006

Since February?

It's quite embarrassing for me to tell you this, but let's share this story together-gether ok, ambil contoh like my mother once said :"> OK was like this..I was otw going back to Wangsa Maju with Erik right after we watched The Da Vinci Code. When I turned to Seksyen 2, there was a long queue and we can see that there was a roadblock in front of us. Luckily I seldom used that road to go to our usual markas for makan-makan.

I turned at a junction on my right and I was thinking like "woohoo, we've escaped from Mr Policeman Q&A and penetrating gaze" *u guys know wht I mean, like watching u up and down as if u're a fugitive on the run* but my joy was very brief 'coz rite in front there was another roadblock. Owh heck..but nevermind, I dun have anything to worry about *i guess...duh~* Mr Not-So-Handsome Policeman (NSHP) asked me to stop at the roadside, and motioned me to come out..

Me: "Ye encik..? Apa salah saya?"
Mr NSHP: "Awak punya roadtax dah overdue. Sejak Februari!"
Mr NSHP: "Ini dah kira melampau lamanya, bagi IC."
Me: "Er..? Februari? Biar betol encik!"
Me: "Rasa2 bulan August kot baru mati, incek!"
Mr NSHP: "Takkan saya nak tipu pulak! IC. Lesen memandu sekali!"
*looking at the windshield - utk kepastian*
Me: "Adui encik, saya tak perasan lansung..."

And that was not all, I also didn't have my IC and driving license with me at that time! How CONVENIENT! *arghghh!!!!* and so...I was fined RM50 for that. And to think that I've been driving my Saga with its overdued roadtax all this while.

Gila! Tak pernah plak kene saman, kena saman plak dekat2 area rumah. Cantek.

Serves me right! *sigh* ;S

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