Friday, July 07, 2006

Pesta Bola Era - Malacca (Day 2)

I woke up quite late the second day. I always have problem adjusting myself to new environment. Before I went to sleep last night, I checked under the duvet, behind the curtains, under the sofas and last but the most important; inside the closet and drawers. PARANOID ME :"> Me and Rinie thought that since we were in Malacca, might as well we acted like tourist and roamed the city, teeheehee ;) Malacca is splendid and I was in a jubilant mood!! I guessed it was probably the doing of the air. I can smell the beach from the wind. Yes, smelled it. The smell of salt water and fishes and the sand...*sigh* Beach is Love, ok? :D

After we packed all things and set to check out from the hotel, Rinie suggested that we all go to Indori for lunch. I had no objection on that and thinking about the food that me and Rinie had the day before, made me only CRAVE for more. So, all the seven of us were having a feast there! Our table were filled with more than 20 types of lauk, all DELICIOUS! And we were glad that the guys love it too. Makan sampai terduduk taw! Heheh ;P After we had our fill, we went to Muzium Rakyat (sila rujuk gambarajah di atas..heee), The A'Famosa and St Paul's Church which is on the opposite of St John's Hill. According to records, there is an underground tunnel linking the A'Famosa to St John's Hill, but up to these days, the tunnel is yet to be found. Very interesting huh? We took a few photos there, but I can't yet upload them here since the photos are not with me. I'll upload them at a later time in the coming post ok? ;)


_s.u.e.r.i.e said...

ai juger kat melaka time tuh beh.. tp di ayer keroh for a week... pelik kn beh.. kiter berada di tempat yg sama ngn org yg sponsor tu pon sama (maxis) tp kiter x jumpe.. hukhuk! suratan atau kebetulan?? hehe.. went thr for cyber camp!

Azzu said...

ho'oh, pelikness! meksis juge ke? huehuehue, salah meksis le ni tak ketemukan kite. semuanye dah tersurat belake, uhuhuk ;p