Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Aye Aye Captain!

On July 23rd, me and Erik went to GSC MidValley to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (POTC2). It was 11.25pm, another 35 minutes to Sunday and GSC was buzzing with people on my left and right. Although I was quite concerned that Erik hasn't much sleep the night before, he insisted that we watch the first midnite show, which was around 12.10am. After like infinity waiting in the long queue, it was finally my turn. I was told that there were exactly TWELVE, I mean TWELVE (12) halls were opened for POTC2!! Four halls for the 11.40pm show (Sold Out), four halls for the 12.10am show (Only Separate Seats Left) and four halls for the 12.40am show (Only Seats on the 1st and 2nd Rows Left). We had no choice but to buy the 12.40am show and there was another 1 hour to go. So we lepak-lepak at Cosmic Bowling and later on bergurau mesra with the pets in the glass window of Pet's Wonderland ;D

By the time we were inside Hall 12, I realized that the screen was way TOO BIG and our seats were way TOO CLOSE to the screen. It ended that I have to turn my head from left to right, to read the subtitles. Heheh ;p It is my habit to read subtitles, even if it's in FRENCH :"> The movie was VERY entertaining, I laughed a lot! Johnny Depp is SO talented and he's also handsome beyond words...*sigh* Huehue ;p I won't be wasting my time elaborating and giving descriptions on the movie, I think u guys should just go and watch it. OK? ;)

I can't wait to watch the next sequel of POTC. From a source that I've read, Captain Jack Sparrow will meet his real father in POTC3 and the final movie will be mostly about his life BEFORE becoming the Captain of Black Pearl. Ooooooh, I CAN'T WAIT!! *drooling* ;p~~ Sayangnya, my movie-mate dozed off a few times during
the 3/4 of the movie, which showed some brilliant, unimaginable stunts. Too tired I guess, alahai...*hugs*. Rasa bersalah pun ada for dragging him to watch the midnite show that day...Huhu. Anyway, POTC2 is brilliant. I don't mind to watch it for the 2nd time *which I usually don't do* ;D

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