Monday, July 17, 2006

The Eerie Side of Re-Cycle

The last time I watched a Chinese movie was in me that time I was in Form that must be 1991!! Wow! That is wayyyyyyy back; 15 years to be exact! ;D Anyway, on July 12, me and Husnie met at GSC One Utama to watch Re-Cycle. It was jam-packed with moviegoers although it was Wednesday...Maybe most of the people there were students since GSC has special rate for students on Wednesday. We went in at 09.15pm, and at that time, luckily the movie hasn't started yet.

Not like typical Korean or Japanese horror movie, Re-Cycle is UNIQUELY creepy. During the early 3/4 of the movie, it was SOOO scary that I literally squirmed and jumped from my seat! :"> During the show, I felt like taking a leak, but I DIDN'T DARE to go to the loo. U know how it seems unnecessary for a restroom to have so many mirrors? *as if trying to prove a point here* Uhuhuuu~ Re-Cycle is absurdly SCARY and I knew that I'll be dreaming about it when I laid my head on my pillow that night. Nearing the end, the story suddenly turns to a sad tale. But then, the twist at the end of the movie is a spoiler *meaning=literally SPOILED the whole movie, ok?*. I simply DON'T GET IT! I hate to watch something that I don't understand. Am I too STOOPID for this type of movie? Bruhaha~

After the movie, we lepak-ed at Khalifah Bistro *a mapley near my office* and we chatted until 02.30am. FYI, I INTENTIONALLY dragged the hours as to calm my jitteriness from watching that movie.

No more scary movie for me this July, thank u!

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