Monday, April 24, 2006

Quicksilver Revolution Tour

My 'lil sis *Anna* came to KL last Saturday from Teluk Intan for the Quicksilver Party. She have insisted me to follow her to Sunway Lagoon, since that my other 'lil sis *Linda* got few free tickets to the party~ I went to UiTM first to collect Anna and then picked up her bf, Mr Harez with his brother Memen at Shah Alam Komuter station. When we reached Sunway, we took few rounds for parking space *sigh!* I never expected that the walk to Sunway Theme Park main entrance is like from my house to Alpha Angle, haha..and I was sweating like MAD! And the day was so bright and sunny!! ;D

There was nothing much went on, or maybe we've missed the fun since we arrived there quite late *around 5pm*. But we saw a poster that said Click Five *or Clit Fight as John said ;p* will be performing that nite~ Owh well, I'm not into Click Five, while we were there, we watched Pop Shuvit and wow, they're just AWESOME!~ Btw, on that day, accidentally I met John. I can recognize that face even from a MILE away, haha!! I didn't have the guts to come up and say "Hi" to him but I'm glad that later on while we were YM-ing he said that he recognized me too :D

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