Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Persetankan - PUITIS

PERSETANKAN! Yes, up to this date I think this theme is the bestest EVER!! PUITIS is derive from the word PUISI, which means POETRY~ This theme requires submission of silhouette photos with words from a poem! If the poem is not written by the submitter him/herself, they need to mention the Poet's name inside the photo. I prefer to write my own, but after a few hours I was totally like giving up the idea...;(

But thanx Erik for presenting me a piece from Cybersastra called: "Wahai Cinta Inilah Nyeri Merindui Wajahmu!", beautifully written by Nanang Suryadi... It's passionate, it's deep, it's meaningful, it's simply the most emotional poem I've ever read!!! It evokes such a feeling that I actually cried once I reached the last word... Seriously you guys need to check it out~ Btw, that piece inspires me to come out with these lines:

"dengari perihal lengkung jiwaku,
beraduk-aduk kesmaran kesumat,
awasi segenap pojok kartika,
disela rindu rawan teramat...

dulunya ganding rangkai khayal,
seperti bulan dimakan Rahu,
usahlah berangkat pergi Cinta,
berbaki gerhana cuma nyawaku..."

Thank you so much Kukie for showing me that wonderful piece~ ;*

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