Monday, April 03, 2006

Art Exhibition: Sepetik Telunjuk...

On the 1st of April, I went to Sepetik Telunjuk Art Exhibiton at Bangsar with Kiah and Erin, and planned to meet up with Kamarol there. After a few turns and rounds I finally admit to Kiah that we've lost the way *tsk tsk*. Thank God Kamarol got there earlier and showed us the location ;)

The opening event was in a slightly relaxed mood...the place is damn cool and the photos are brilliant! Congrats Pek, Palancut, Skalie, Antialias and Rupa + Jiwa!!! The guests were served with pulut, salted fish, boiled tapioca and shredded coconut with sugar...simply YUMMYLICIOUS! :D There, I met Fad *semakin kurus & comel* and a few familiar-looking myspacers...hehe, glad that I went there and met up with Korie *a cute friend that I know just by his myspace profile* :">

After the event, me, Kiah and Erin followed Kamarol to Ampang for MRAB's jamming session. What a nice way to spend a weekend...*sigh - contented*

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