Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rain Down, Rain Down

It's been a while since I last wrote a post in English. Don't know why, I just want to write something in English today. Mind my grammar and sentence structure my friend, for I am very bad with them. Never mind that. I just want to write and of what, I'm still not sure. Have any of you come across an urge just to scribble and doodle, and alas, a message of some sort for you to interpret splayed out on the paper? The subconscious mind speak for itself. I don't have it anymore. Sometimes I wonder, where did my subconscious mind go. Like the words that I type now, it's all well plan, but still it doesn't make much sense.

The world outside is black with its dark clouds and human sorrow, while I'm sitting cosily on this chair and typing all this rubbish. At this moment, I asked myself, why do human suffer? How can we let that painful punch-in-a-gut-like sick feeling we called 'sadness' drowned us, and at the same time endure and regard pain as pleasure? Ah, but then again, I'm not the one to discuss this. I am no more human as any of you. It'll be raining soon I guess (looking outside the window). Let's pray to god that this blessed rain will wash away any sadness on this face of the earth. If only it's that simple...


tumpanglalu said...

jujurnya, aku suka sgt perenggan pertama..

_s.u.e.r.i.e said...

urs is bad? nahh, mine is ;p worst! ai asek praktik broken english, soon bertambah2 rusak bahase ai.. hehe

nway beh.. kita ni ade jodoh nmpk nye, we're reading the same book at the moment rupenye.. :D
(see.. broken english lg, pardon me.. haha)

Azzu said...

to tumpanglalu:
thanks :"> tulis ngarut2 pon ade yg suke, huhu

to surie beh:
woah woah. ape mimpi bace buku same ni? ekeke. i skang mmg tgh gile dgn karya2 klasik ni :D