Thursday, April 24, 2008

And Sleep. Just Sleep.

14 STRAIGHT HOURS. Yes, for 14 straight hours, I slept yesterday. I reached home at about 4.30 PM from Sentul, and almost crazy with my raging thoughts, I decided to sleep. Sleep and sleep and sleep to drive away those whirlwind muddleness (is there such word?). OK, whateva. The point is, I slept for 14 hours. I'd tried my best to wake up, but I couldn't. I'd tried to raise my head, but my head was still much attached to the pillow. And during those 14 hours, I dreamt.....

I was at sea. Lost and nearly drowned. If not for a piece of wood that I held dearly to my chest, I would surely be lost at sea. Lost at sea...there's a song by Eisley called "Lost At Sea". With chattering teeth, I sang the song. No sharks, thank god no sharks. From afar I saw a ship. Looks more like a swashbuckling pirate ship to me, but nevertheless..."Hey!!! Sini! Sini! Here! Here!". My shouts might be carried by the wind, because all of a sudden, the ship was steering towards me. The first thing that I clearly saw is the figurehead. Oh! Such beautiful figurehead! It's of a lovely maiden, with big bosom and small waist that holds folds and folds of flowing skirts. Her long golden hair falls like fountain on her shoulders, and a gorgeous anadem sits like a crown on her head. And she was smiling at me! Smiling as if she was alive!

But wait...why is she carrying a big pencil? This doesn't fit in. It spoiled my dream! And with a big thud, she sort of jousted me to land on an island. Wow. That's hurt :| ....I dusted off the sand from my wet jeans. But look! It's not sand, it's GOLD! But where does this gold came from? And as I looked around, I realized that the only mountain on the island is actually a big statue of Medusa. A gold-vomiting Medusa to be exact. With real snakes on her head, she gave me the shivers and left me immobilized with her stare.

As she moves slowly towards me (just like a panther), her eyes turned into blazing fire. Oh god dear god! Help me! Wake up Mahzura! Wake up you sleepyhead! She vomited on me. That wretched Medusa poured gold sand on my head. And she just wouldn't stop, until the sand choked me, choked me and choked me. I felt air seeping out of my lungs, god it HURTS! Why don't you wake up Mahzura????......And slowly.....there was no sound, no colors, nothing.

I woke up gasping for air and sweating profusely. I even coughed until tears flowed on my cheeks...That's it! NO MORE! No more long sleep after this!!


_s.u.e.r.i.e said...

wah lamanye tdo beh.. haha! kepenatan tahap melampau la tu agaknye..
nway lawak la mimpi yu neh tp kn mimpi mmg slalu mcm tu, tgh scene besh2 pastu tetibe ntah mcmane leh ade kat scene lain plak, mimpi tak pnah ade logiknya.. huhu

ai paling mencik kalo mimpi jatuh dari tmpt tinggi.. sampai kecut2 pewut dibuatnye, sampai terbangun.. hehe

Anonymous said...

byk kali mimpi nak langkah kaki x sampai...masuk ke longkang gak...perghh tekejut trus dr tdo.....

Azzu said...

to surie:
ha'ah, lame. tp rekod tidor i paling lame ialah 24jam. member2 satu dorm igt i dah mengadap illahi dah, kekeke. ekceli i demam terok mase tu, so lansung xsedar2.

to anoni:
kekek. original ni mimpi jatoh longkang, jarang dengar. sy slalu mimpi terbang. tp antara nak sampai satu lokasi ke satu lokasi tu, byk kali macam hilang power, menjunammmmmmmm (sakit gile perot time tu), pastu elok, pastu menjunammmmm, pastu elok, sampai la ke lokasi :D