Monday, May 05, 2008

Ticky-tacky TAC Tacking

Aaaahhh...I love technology. During the early 90's, I had to go to the Post Office to make some bill payments, to renew my license, to pay my semester fee, etcetera I just need to switch the Internet, open my Firefox, type this URL --> (I consider myself a die-hard CIMB customer, and I've been with them since the name Bank Bumiputra (M) Berhad), login, go to the Transfer section, request TAC and wallah...!!!! Er......(after 10 minutes)...where's my TAC???

(After 2 hours)

Where's my TAC dude?!!!
*very, very angry and ready to smash my notebook*

(After 4 hours)

I must be crazy to wait for 4 hours for a TAC!!! And yet, I still haven't receive any SMS from CIMB until now! According to Si Dia, there's nothing new about this issue. He has been facing the same problem for over a month! He told me that he usually request for a TAC in the morning and will only receive the TAC messages (and loads of it!) at the end of the day!! One hell of a facility you have there CIMB... *very disappointed*

Dear CIMBClicks Support Team,

I have a few accounts with other banks, and I've never had any problems with receiving TAC before. Most of the TACs were received within 3-4 minutes. Now, THAT'S what we call as Internet Banking, CIMB! If you guys expect that we don't really bother about this, and keep giving us lame excuses when we call you up, then you're WRONG! Due to this, I might soon close my CIMB account, my loved ones might also do the same, and so do a few of your customers out there. I urge you guys to do something about it.

For 4 hours, I can simply walk to the nearest CIMB, do my Transfer via the ATM machine, stop by at a mamak stall, order teh tarik and roti telur, finish my meal, order another roti telur, finish my second roti telur, walk back to the office, look at my mobile to check for incoming SMS...and still found....NO TAC message in the Inbox.

BAD. Very, very BAD.


Your Frustrated Customer.


Nurul Mardhiah said...

alamak! you dah minum teh tarik! i kata teh tarik tu untuk orang tua aje :P

missed you

Azzu said...

ekekek. mmg! dulu2 pon aku rase teh tarik utk org tua, tp skang aku xrase gitu aku dah tua? kuang kuang kuang, ekeke

rase2 tahun dpn macam nak masok 18 je umor aku ni :P

miss u too

Aziya said...

indeed.. CIMB internet banking is the worst service in here. I prefer doing all the transaction via Maybank2u. I cuma buat cash deposit kat CIMB... hehe

Azzu said...

ha, kan? mmg sucks gile babas!

CIMB, u should read this!

glownana said...

agree azzu. sy juga menghadapi bende yg sama. saket jiwa menunggu. lagi2 time urgent. buduss!

Azzu said...

itu ler, kalau tgh urgent2 tu la yg menambahkan kebengangan kan? smlm azzu call dorang, dorang kate TAC utk MAXIS je bermasalah. apekehei ntah.

_s.u.e.r.i.e said...

woh... seyesli beh?
they gave me the same excuses mase i tanye nape lembab sangat TAC to nak receive, pagik request.. tetengah malam br i dapat. Bila call CS CIMB, they said "DiGi ade masalah create TAC". buduh.. matik2 i ingat btul, patot la mase kat Digi dlu staff2 len ckp tader pe prob pun ngn sistem.. jadahnye

Azzu said...

dorang kate DiGi pon ade masalah? bodoh btol dorang ni. bagi alasan je pandai. buat buruk name 'bumiputra' je. chis.

Azury said...

Keh keh.. by the time TAC tu sampai Kak Azu dah tido kekenyangan kena roti telur banyak sangat. Kemsalam kat cimb support team tu ye!

glownana said...

bengang lagi pasal mlm smlm kol 8 request tac kol 3 pagi td br sms dpt. bodoh. aku dh tidoo laaaaaa!! ingat dalam mimpi boleh buat transaction apeebende ke. bodoh.

heh..azzu post topic ni so nk lepas geram kt sini lagi.

Azzu said...

to azury:
tu le. nasib baik ade roti telo pengubat jiwa :P

to nana:
yg buat lagi bengang, bile tgk iklan dorang mase buletin utama TV3 dgn kate2, "kenape perlu berator bila anda boleh membuat transaksi dirumah?". nyampah. bak kata orang utara: "sembang deraih!"

Firdauz takes five said...

such a good writer

suka blog ni!


malaylyric said...

damn cimb.. aku dah nak dekat 2 jam tunggu TAC tak sampai-sampai.. aku ingat 016 aku ada problem.. rupanya ramai yang tension ngan request TAC cimb nih.. memang lembab ke hapa.. bagus bagus.. spread the words about Cimb slow as snail Request TAC, can u imagine a snail break into atomic particles and appear at our handphone screen.. that should be CIMB request TsnAilC

Aku A-Z-Z-U said...

to firdauz:
thank you, thank you :)

to malaylyric:
yes. see? today is 22nd Oct 2009, and I wrote this entry on May 2009, and they (CIMB) still hasn't done anything about this. chk! chk! chk! if I post a postcard in May to a friend in America using SNAILMail (a.k.a the conventional airmail), that dude has definitely received my letter 4months back. aiseh, CIMB...