Monday, March 20, 2006

UiTM ACCA Dinner 2006

Wuhuuu!!! It was the RETRO darling!!! It has been such a long time since I last went out like a DRAG QUEEN, haha ;D UiTM external students were having a ball *ACCA Dinner* with the theme "Malam Retro" at Saloma Bistro. So, I picked my long dress with psychedelic patterns of cream and chocolate combination to go with my white 60's shades *my friends said: "owh look! it's the Curt Cobain shades!"* ;p I lurveeee tht shades to death~

The dinner was OK, the hall was filled with fashionistas!~ I must say that the students were terribly brilliant in putting their efforts to look good! Some came wrapped in waist-cinching corsets, long fluffy boa, mile-high heels, tons and tons of makeup, high hair chignons and up-dos, wow..they sure looked GOOD ;) It was a shame tht I was attacked with migraine and can't put up a smile after too many photo shoots... To my lurvely sister Linda, thanx for inviting me to tag along, I'm sorry if I bore you with my whining: "Lin, kakzu nak balek, saket paler..." Sorry, sorry, sorry... ;( I DO enjoy the dinner, thanx, and I lurve you Kakcik :*

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