Thursday, May 12, 2005

Another Poetry: GOODBYE

Imagining myself DEAD...dying is not as fearsome as leaving those you love behind...

Standing at the edge,
I see me inside the grave..
My momma's cheeks wet with tears
My daddy's arms encircled her...
My sisters, brothers all hug each other
Small muffled sobs escape their lips
My friends all look so sad and somber
My neighbours keep quiet and try to remember

The person I am...oh...the person I WAS...

I'm glad you are all here
Thanks for the visit my dears...
Stop those tears, ease those fears

For you my LOVE
Take care of yourself!
I don't expect it to end like this...
I'm forever inside your heart,
Keeping you warm through days and nights

May you find a sweet girl
To love you like I do
Or even so much more,
that I can't give you before...
Who'll bring back your smile
Your laughter, your hapiness...
Who'll guard you from the storm,
Making love when you feel most alone...

Looking at you,
You with those eyes so helpless
Send jabs of needles to my heart...
A corpse I am, with a bleeding soul

I kiss your lips
Like we kissed before...
Slow and lingering, fueled our passion
Now they are salty with your tears,
and now you kiss me back no more..... :(

Goodbye love, forever goodbye...
Release me...let me fly!

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