Saturday, April 16, 2005

Unforgettable Sight

After coming back from Genting *Kota Keriangan* I just can't forget about the trip... There's something MAGICAL about Genting that day. Around 3.00am, the wind is terribly cold and furious!! But I've never felt more contented in my life as that day. With HIM we are literally walking amidst clouds! This piece is dedicated to that person..HIM :)

In the howling wind
You sit there
Manage to throw me a smile
A smile so rare
In this roaring wind
And deathly chill
You look like an angel
Falling lightly on your feet
Touching the moist earth

Scoop me up to heaven
O' beautiful creature of God
Cradle me in your arms
Protect me from the cold
Unbelievably you
It's YOU all along...

You hair is wet with dew
Shivering like a leaf
You look so forlorn my dear
May I keep you near?
Near to my heart and warm embraces
It's such a safe, safe place... I promise...

Still you sit there unmoving
Singing songs of emotion so deep
Tearing my heart through each silence lapse
Your eyes so pure of innocent child
But a man indeed you are
A man I vow to care and protect
Like a silk cocoon wrapping around
Soft and cushy as you land and fall...

This sight of you etched deep in my thoughts
I won't forget nor I forgot...

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