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Monday, August 07, 2006

Words Seem Insufficient....

Last night I can't sleep. And in despair I wrote this:

"Tergelincir Emosi Kala Jiwa Berlari"

Pena yang menari pantas di atas kertas
adalah aku yang berlari tanpa hala dan tujuan,
ditimpa hujan menggila
dan meraung bersabung guruh berdentum...

Dengan kaki berbogel yang cedera dan luka,
aku terus berlari dan berteriak:
"jiwaku lebih kosong dari bangkai tak bernyawaaaaa!..."

Apa yang TIADA bila aku ADA?
Apa yang ADA bila aku TIADA?


Dan pena ku terhenti kerana aku tiada jawapannya.

Premelodic: Strategy College

Last Saturday (Aug 5th) Premelodic had performed at Strategy College *FYI, Strategy College is formerly called EDI* Bangi for an event (which I can’t quite remember). From Wangsa Maju, me and Erik drove to Bangi via the Sg Besi and waited for Amin and Raja at the Bangi toll. Bob was already there. When Amin and Raja reached there, we again had waited for a friend who was going to show us the way. Eventually (after a few missed turns) we found the college and waited at the car park before being called to perform.

It was nearly 10pm when we walked to the stage area and saw a college band performed “Sedang Ingin Bercinta”. The students were loud with their cheering and clapping, they just rock and I knew at that time that Premelodic will have lotsa fun performing for this bunch ;)

Premelodic had performed a few numbers including “Can’t take My Eyes of You” which involved the students singing together at the top of their lungs with Raja. Nearby, I was busy crawling and climbing *literally* to get better shots of Premelodic with Erik’s E-500. There was a short photo session with the students afterwards.

I better create a Flickr account to put these photos *sigh*. Wait for it, occay?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Let’s Rebonding

*Looking at mirror*
I hate my hair. After 8 months, I MUST again torture my hair for rebonding. People said, once you start rebonding, u can’t stop rebonding. Haha, how true! Just look at my tresses now. More like a wet mop with all the frizzies. YUCK.

*After sitting 5 hours at Jazzia Salon Pudu Plaza*
This is more like it! For FOUR times straight I’ve never switch my choice of hairdresser. They are the best, very meticulous and friendly and most importantly, very cheap occay? For my waist-length locks they had charged me RM 160 for rebonding plus wash and cut. I went out from the salon grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat.

*Glimpsing myself at the car mirror*
Owh look, it’s Adriana Lima! *fat hope* ;p

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Aye Aye Captain!

On July 23rd, me and Erik went to GSC MidValley to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (POTC2). It was 11.25pm, another 35 minutes to Sunday and GSC was buzzing with people on my left and right. Although I was quite concerned that Erik hasn't much sleep the night before, he insisted that we watch the first midnite show, which was around 12.10am. After like infinity waiting in the long queue, it was finally my turn. I was told that there were exactly TWELVE, I mean TWELVE (12) halls were opened for POTC2!! Four halls for the 11.40pm show (Sold Out), four halls for the 12.10am show (Only Separate Seats Left) and four halls for the 12.40am show (Only Seats on the 1st and 2nd Rows Left). We had no choice but to buy the 12.40am show and there was another 1 hour to go. So we lepak-lepak at Cosmic Bowling and later on bergurau mesra with the pets in the glass window of Pet's Wonderland ;D

By the time we were inside Hall 12, I realized that the screen was way TOO BIG and our seats were way TOO CLOSE to the screen. It ended that I have to turn my head from left to right, to read the subtitles. Heheh ;p It is my habit to read subtitles, even if it's in FRENCH :"> The movie was VERY entertaining, I laughed a lot! Johnny Depp is SO talented and he's also handsome beyond words...*sigh* Huehue ;p I won't be wasting my time elaborating and giving descriptions on the movie, I think u guys should just go and watch it. OK? ;)

I can't wait to watch the next sequel of POTC. From a source that I've read, Captain Jack Sparrow will meet his real father in POTC3 and the final movie will be mostly about his life BEFORE becoming the Captain of Black Pearl. Ooooooh, I CAN'T WAIT!! *drooling* ;p~~ Sayangnya, my movie-mate dozed off a few times during
the 3/4 of the movie, which showed some brilliant, unimaginable stunts. Too tired I guess, alahai...*hugs*. Rasa bersalah pun ada for dragging him to watch the midnite show that day...Huhu. Anyway, POTC2 is brilliant. I don't mind to watch it for the 2nd time *which I usually don't do* ;D

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Balik Ke Teluk Intan...

Sengaja aku menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu untuk post yg ini...Mana tau kot-kot Mama aku buka blog aku pada suatu hari nanti dan baca post aku yang ini :) Hehe. Baru-baru ni aku balik kampung aku di Teluk Intan. Pekan yang kecil tapi 'hidup'. Walau berapa banyak kota dan pantai yang aku jejak selama ni, hati aku tetap di Teluk Intan, mungkin sebab di situ ada manusia-manusia yang aku cinta separuh nyawa. Di situ ada kenangan-kenangan indah yang aku mau lalui secara berulang-ulang andai aku mampu membelinya dengan wang ringgit ;)

Tujuan aku balik kampung ialah kerana nak menyambut hari ulangtahun Mama aku yang ke-54 pada 16 Julai. Aku bertolak dalam 11pagi dari KL (15 Julai 2006) bersama-sama Husnie yang kebetulan nak berjumpa dengan kawannya di Teluk Intan. Sampai di rumah, aku bersalam, peluk dan cium kedua-dua orang tua aku. Rindunya! Nak balik selalu, kerja menimbun di pejabat. Bila ada masa dan wang, barulah merasa nak balik kampung walaupun Teluk Intan bukannya jauh dari KL...cuma 2 jam sahaja *kalau aku tekan minyak* hehe.

Mama dah tau aku nak balik, so dia masak Laksa, sebab dia tau aku ni Hantu Laksa! Terimakasih Mama! ;* Ulangtahun Mama aku tahun ni tak dapat aku nak berikan apa-apa sebab kewangan tak mengizinkan, tapi Mama aku tak kisah. Mama aku kata, dah balik tunjuk muka pun dia dah cukup happy...*sob sob* Azzu janji nanti kalau dapat duit bonus Azzu bawa Mama dengan Ayah jalan-jalan naik Cruise Putrajaya OK? *peluk peluk*

Untuk Puan Hasmah Bt Abdul Aziz: Azzu nak ucapkan selamat ulangtahun yang ke-54, moga Allah sihatkan tubuh badan Mama, kabulkan permintaan-permintaan dan doa-doa Mama, dan semoga Mama sentiasa happy dan ceria dengan Ayah...ehem ehem ;p

U're the BESTEST Mama a daughter can have!! Love U Mucho!

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Eerie Side of Re-Cycle

The last time I watched a Chinese movie was in er....wait...er...let me remember...at that time I was in Form 5...so that must be 1991!! Wow! That is wayyyyyyy back; 15 years to be exact! ;D Anyway, on July 12, me and Husnie met at GSC One Utama to watch Re-Cycle. It was jam-packed with moviegoers although it was Wednesday...Maybe most of the people there were students since GSC has special rate for students on Wednesday. We went in at 09.15pm, and at that time, luckily the movie hasn't started yet.

Not like typical Korean or Japanese horror movie, Re-Cycle is UNIQUELY creepy. During the early 3/4 of the movie, it was SOOO scary that I literally squirmed and jumped from my seat! :"> During the show, I felt like taking a leak, but I DIDN'T DARE to go to the loo. U know how it seems unnecessary for a restroom to have so many mirrors? *as if trying to prove a point here* Uhuhuuu~ Re-Cycle is absurdly SCARY and I knew that I'll be dreaming about it when I laid my head on my pillow that night. Nearing the end, the story suddenly turns to a sad tale. But then, the twist at the end of the movie is a spoiler *meaning=literally SPOILED the whole movie, ok?*. I simply DON'T GET IT! I hate to watch something that I don't understand. Am I too STOOPID for this type of movie? Bruhaha~

After the movie, we lepak-ed at Khalifah Bistro *a mapley near my office* and we chatted until 02.30am. FYI, I INTENTIONALLY dragged the hours as to calm my jitteriness from watching that movie.

No more scary movie for me this July, thank u!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Pesta Bola Era - Malacca (Day 2)

I woke up quite late the second day. I always have problem adjusting myself to new environment. Before I went to sleep last night, I checked under the duvet, behind the curtains, under the sofas and last but the most important; inside the closet and drawers. PARANOID ME :"> Me and Rinie thought that since we were in Malacca, might as well we acted like tourist and roamed the city, teeheehee ;) Malacca is splendid and I was in a jubilant mood!! I guessed it was probably the doing of the air. I can smell the beach from the wind. Yes, smelled it. The smell of salt water and fishes and the sand...*sigh* Beach is Love, ok? :D

After we packed all things and set to check out from the hotel, Rinie suggested that we all go to Indori for lunch. I had no objection on that and thinking about the food that me and Rinie had the day before, made me only CRAVE for more. So, all the seven of us were having a feast there! Our table were filled with more than 20 types of lauk, all DELICIOUS! And we were glad that the guys love it too. Makan sampai terduduk taw! Heheh ;P After we had our fill, we went to Muzium Rakyat (sila rujuk gambarajah di atas..heee), The A'Famosa and St Paul's Church which is on the opposite of St John's Hill. According to records, there is an underground tunnel linking the A'Famosa to St John's Hill, but up to these days, the tunnel is yet to be found. Very interesting huh? We took a few photos there, but I can't yet upload them here since the photos are not with me. I'll upload them at a later time in the coming post ok? ;)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pesta Bola Era - Malacca (Day 1)

Lamernye dah tak menulis!! I'm getting lazier and lazier each passing day...Well not so much happened in July. Maybe it's too early for me to conclude that July 2006 is a boring month. Btw, the start of the month was a memorable day for me. On the 1st of July, I packed a few things and went straight to Raja's house. There, Raja and Rinie were already waited for me. We were off to Malacca for Pesta Bola ERA!! ;) Premelodic is one of the performers for that event. I was so giddy with excitement; it has been such a long time since I last had a vacation. Malacca is not so alien to me. I've been there 3-4 times already, so I know that this vacation will turn out just swell!~

Erik, Bob, Amin and Zul was in Bob's Kenari, while Rinie, Raja and myself was in Rinie's Citra. We reached there around noon. The weather was SO HOT! Me and Rinie dropped the guys at the hotel and we started to hunt for food! God, we were famished!!! Through sheer instinct and pure luck *hehe* with a worn restaurant brochure called Indori as guideline, we finally found the spot! Indori serves Nasi Padang and up to this day I still think that their Nasi Padang is THE BEST...H-E-A-V-E-N-L-Y so to say!! We can't wait to go back to the hotel and tell the guys how much we enjoyed our lunch. Hehe ;) In the evening, we followed the Astro bus to Stadium Hang Tuah. There, we met Myra of Beat TV who is actually a good friend of Rinie. To Myra, it was a tremendous pleasure to meet and know u. U're a doll, and a funny one too! ;*

Premelodic was supposed to perform during half-time but
they had performed before the game started since that one of the referee is nowhere to be found and the crowd started to get restless. The match between Astro's Celebrities and the DJs from Era Radio turned out to be not so enjoyable. I've already forgot the score. Later, other performers like Shazzy, Syuga and Pretty Ugly entertained the crowd. Pesta Bola Era ended late at night with a live telecast of AF4 followed by the World Cup 2006 match between England and Portugal. We didn't stay that long and went back early to the hotel, showered and gathered at the hotel's cafeteria to watch England vs. Portugal. Sadly, England was defeated by Portugal during the penalty ;'( *sob sob* Nothing much happened that night except that I've the opportunity to watch the "usual" nightlife of Malacca from the hotel's main entrance. Oh wow...it was Lumba Haram. Mat Rempits filled the highway like maggots, huh. PEST!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I Saw The Sign...

Another movie review...Ahhh, I love this movie. I've been collecting The Omen (1976) VCDs previously, where the role of ambassador was played by Gregory Peck *this guy was awesome* and Damien was played by Harvey Stephens. Not so much news on this guy you can find on the net, but from what I've read, he had his hair straightened and colored jet-black for the Damien role. And he got the part when he punched the director's BALLS! Ahahaha~~ :D

And now it's The Omen (2006)...The latest Damien looks even more sinister, you can almost smell the evil forces stemming from his presence~ *chewah, i'm being dramatic puler* ;p For me, the story is so-so, but nevertheless very scary~ Some parts of the movie like when Robert Thorn and the photographer were attacked by the dogs at the cemetery, or when the Evil Nanny pounced on Robert Thorn, really made me jumped on my seat and cowered under Erik's armpit. Haha, sori laaa ;">

I'm quite disappointed when Erik had pointed out that some of the clips in the movie trailer is not there! True. After I checked the website and watched the trailer, I realized that there's more to it. Maybe dah kene cut kot? Btw, I stumbled upon another interesting fact...very very interesting...Harvey Stephens a.k.a Damien1976 is one of the tabloid reporter in The Omen (2006)!! Maybe I should watch the movie again and try to catch his glimpse :)

Oh yeah, I also post here both Damiens from The Omen (1976) & (2006). Which one do you think is the best to represent the Son of Satan?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Since February?

It's quite embarrassing for me to tell you this, but let's share this story together-gether ok, ambil contoh like my mother once said :"> OK lah..it was like this..I was otw going back to Wangsa Maju with Erik right after we watched The Da Vinci Code. When I turned to Seksyen 2, there was a long queue and we can see that there was a roadblock in front of us. Luckily I seldom used that road to go to our usual markas for makan-makan.

I turned at a junction on my right and I was thinking like "woohoo, we've escaped from Mr Policeman Q&A and penetrating gaze" *u guys know wht I mean, like watching u up and down as if u're a fugitive on the run* but my joy was very brief 'coz rite in front there was another roadblock. Owh heck..but nevermind, I dun have anything to worry about *i guess...duh~* Mr Not-So-Handsome Policeman (NSHP) asked me to stop at the roadside, and motioned me to come out..

Me: "Ye encik..? Apa salah saya?"
Mr NSHP: "Awak punya roadtax dah overdue. Sejak Februari!"
Mr NSHP: "Ini dah kira melampau lamanya, bagi IC."
Me: "Er..? Februari? Biar betol encik!"
Me: "Rasa2 bulan August kot baru mati, incek!"
Mr NSHP: "Takkan saya nak tipu pulak! IC. Lesen memandu sekali!"
*looking at the windshield - utk kepastian*
Me: "Adui encik, saya tak perasan lansung..."

And that was not all, I also didn't have my IC and driving license with me at that time! How CONVENIENT! *arghghh!!!!* and so...I was fined RM50 for that. And to think that I've been driving my Saga with its overdued roadtax all this while.

Gila! Tak pernah plak kene saman, kena saman plak dekat2 area rumah. Cantek.

Serves me right! *sigh* ;S

Monday, June 05, 2006

Let's Unscramble The Code

I remember watching Man Laksa...It was somewhere early May. It's been a month already lah! After my traumatic experience with Man Laksa, I vowed not to watch any Malay movie *at the cinema* ANYMORE! I'm not saying that Malay movie sux ok? I'll surely bought the ori VCD if it's worth the watch *mane la pegi VCD PGL aku ye?*

Anyway, on June the 3rd, me and Erik went to GSC MidValley to watch the long-awaited, The Da Vinci Code...Huhuhu, I am so teruja! Hall 10 was SO packed. Our seat was the 2nd row from the large screen, and it was LARGE I tell you, but I dun mind a bit. I was immensely overjoyed at that time to fuss about petty things ;) Btw, the movie is spectacular. I love strong, heavy movies like Da Vinci, particularly if the story revolves around religion & politic *but NO war movie for me plis, it's just too sad*

What I like about The Da Vinci Code is that, it answers questions..there's a scene at the airport, and these guys are in the airplane, running from the police, and I was like: "hey, how come they get inside the car so fast?" and presto at that moment there's a scene showing that they had jumped out from the moving plane and rushed to hide inside the nice, shining, black antique car *is that Aston Martin or Bentley?..;p~~~*

I love this movie and I dun mind to watch it over and over again. Even kawan kite *Erik* was glued to his chair from start until the end of the movie. Tak keluar hisap rokok tu! Hehe ;D

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Moving to a New Office

Eventually and officially my office is now situated in Kota Damansara. After a few days of hustling and bustling, with packing things, moving this and that, finally, THANK GOD!! Thank you dear God! Tiringlah I tell you. I hate to move in a sense that there is a lot of work need to be done, but seriously I'm very happy with the new location *compared to Kepong..duh!* :P ;')
Tomorrow I'll be going to Putrajaya for a training. Mind u ladies and gentlemen, I AM THE INSTRUCTOR, bwahahaha!!!.....No, it's NOT fun since that I'm still lethargic with this pindah-pindah thingy *sigh*
I'm desperate for a vacation!!!
Singapore jom, tinguk Mogwai~ ;)
*sambil checking my purse*

Friday, May 26, 2006

These Few Days...

Today is Friday, whew..TGIF, and TGI THIS Friday particularly. I've never been more thankful than today I guess, for THIS Friday I learned to understand so much about myself and my worst behaviour. I was so stressed out from last week...having to finish two proposals and coming out with training materials on three subjects; my commitment nearly drove me to the edge *sigh*

I've felt the fears, the exhaustion and the stress building up, but secretly I hope that everything will work out well and that I have the determination and stamina to deliver and deliver. I didn't get much sleep and enough rest. I could only shut my eyes AFTER 2-AM for dream-filled sleeps that awoke me every 2 hours, and then to get up as early as 6.30 AM, driving straight to Putrajaya for the training.

And finally on May 24, I just can't take it anymore when I nearly pengsan of fatigue at the office *tak tau berapa kali lagi nak jadi lepas ni, tapi tak serik2 jugak!* I called my boss and explained between sobs that I can't deliver my training on Friday *which is TODAY* 'coz I was SO VERY tired (God help me) and am afraid that something BAD might happen if I keep on "heating my engine". Surprisingly, my boss understood my situation and said that I better have a rest and postponed the training! (thank you!)

I've kerah so many people to assist me with my works these few days, and I know that I've done injustice to them. I've scolded, cursed and throw scathing remarks to my colleagues which I deeply regret of doing it. To Ravi, Gjie and Mahathir...if I ever hurt you guys with my tongue-lashing, please please forgive me. I HATE myself most when I'm doing that to you guys...Stress might kill me one day, but I hope that I won't let it kill other people too *sob sob* ;'( I'm sorry guys *hugs*

For those few people who I had a brief chat on YM, sorry for not being able to be there when you guys needed me. I've TRIED my best to reply, and I've replied as short and sweet as possible but that doesn't mean that I'm ANGRY with your slight intervention...How could my few words in YM can be interpreted as anger?
As long as I remember, I've never throw any nasty words at you guys...Please don't simply judge me...You guys should know me better ;( *sedih* If I knew that my few replies might hurt your feelings, I would rather NOT reply at all...*sob*

p/s: payahnya mencuba utk menjadi seorang pekerja yg baik dan sahabat yang sempurna...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hoppipolla In TV Commercials?

Sigur Ros has made their mark on Malaysia's TV Commercials? *u might be asking* Thanx to Erik who point this out to me...We were having late night dinner together when he suddenly asked me to turn my attention to an HSBC Insurance commercial on the big 43inch screen.

"What so special about that?" I asked.
"No, no, LISTEN! Listen carefully to the jingles!" Erik insisted.
Owhhhh, why, it's HOPPIPOLLA lah!!

Sure enough, it's subtly modified should I say, but it's undoubtly Hoppipolla;) Lebih menarik lagi, Erik said that another commercial is also using Hoppipolla-like jingles, a commercial from M Mobile *our own Malaysian made mobile phone with Mawi as their product ambassador tu* I've watched both commercials, and yes, the similarity is there. We start discussing whether there's any possibility that a same advertising company is doing both of the commercials OR maybe that suddenly, everybody is listening to Sigur Ros~ *huehuehue* ;)

Btw, here is a sample of Sigur Ros' Hoppipolla and the M Mobile Commercial *found by Erik in You Tube*. He can't find the HSBC Insurance commercial though..maybe it's simply because there's no Mawi in it~ teeheehee ;p Thanx Erik!!! :*

*oh yeah, just in case u're curious, Hoppipolla means "Hopping into Puddles" - isn't tht cute?* ;)

Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla

M Mobile Commercial

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sudah Tahu Bertanya Pula Part.05

Sudah Tahu Bertanya Pula on 13th May...YEAY!! I've been looking forward for this gig since April 'coz Kamarol's band Mixing Red and Blue (MRAB) will perform on the day. After so many late nights of joining their jamming sessions *menyibuk*, I can't wait to watch them performing my favourite song called "Not As Much As Tomorrow" :D

On 13th May, me and Erik reached Tunestone Klang a 'lil early and the organizer (Demise Records) was still in Ampang, gathering the bands together for a convoy to Tunestone. The gig which was supposed to start at 1pm, bermula around 03.30pm with a replacement band called Teenage Glory for The Wasted...Heavily influenced by bands like Sigur Ros and Mogwai, their music is SO BEAUTIFUL with funny names *contohnye: "Nasir Bilal Khan"* ;p I'm totally spellbounded and literally gasping for air!

The 2nd band was MRAB. Started with
"Not As Much As Tomorrow", they really heated up the show and made my day ;) As usual, Andy the Vox was so energetic, doing his acrobatic acts and at the same time screaming his heart out ;) We didn't stay long *very, very tiredlah* and decided to go back when there were another two bands yet to perform. Btw, below are some of the awesome photos of MRAB, snapped by Erik with his E-500...Thanks ye taw!~ :*

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Getting Artistic & Video Clip Madness

Weeheee!~ I found this software called ArtRage, and OH. MY. GOSH. I LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it!!!!! If you guys are into arts, please try this one. I just marveled at the effect of thick brush (oil painting) strokes! It's sooooooo realistic, the colors even BLEND together!! :O The effect is so realistic that I have the feeling I'll get my tongue wet with paint if I lick my monitor!~ :"> Hehehe, owh gosh I'm so happy with this one *wiping tears* ;D...Owh, what u see up there is my first painting using ArtRage. The idea to come out with this one came from a previous REAL painting from me titled "Thong Love". It's about my undying love for sexy lingerie *hahaha* ;p. This one is a bit edgy and messy from the real one 'coz using mouse totally sux u know, and very the very leceh!!~

Other software that I've downloaded recently is Total Video Converter. I'm using Mozilla Firefox browser and there's an add-on for downloading videos from YouTube, iFilm, Google Video...Bwahahahahaha!!! :)) I DROOL for this one~ Some of the video clips that I've converted are by Bjork, Jamiroquai, Dewa, Padi, Flanella, Ratu and Ada Band. Still MORE to come!!! Hahaha! Owh btw, click this button:

Just in case you want to install Firefox!~ ;)

Monday, May 08, 2006

The 'Laksa' Is NOT Delicious

Ahhh..it's movie outing again~ ;) FYI, I'm so excited and looking forward to each outing. I anticipate to watch something that really STICK and STAY in my mind until the coming of the next movie outing. For this week, after much enjoyment in watching Gubra, and with the purpose to support our local film industry *eceh*, I chose another Malay movie called Man Laksa. It's a film by Mamat Khalid, and since I've watched Rock (also by Mamat Khalid) before, I guess this one will make me laughing hard as well...boy, am I WRONG!!! I'm not laughing, and it's such a shame 'coz the story really has a good plot...One more thing, I seriously can't stand a movie, where the casts say something but their mouths are shaping something else! There's totally NO synchronization, OK? *sigh* I'm MAJORLY disappointed ;(

But u guys know what? My disappointments are always short-lived...At the same time, I got myself a copy of Premelodic first EP, heee :D *laughing with glee*, I bought it at a CD shop called "Rock Corner" in Midvalley, near the GSC. I believe that good food and good music can wash away your sorrows *haha*. So, not satisfied with only getting the EP, I also gobbled some sushis and misu shiru and unagis at the Sushi King...Owh and YES, I was pretty happy after that~ ;)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Poetry That Speaks For ME

While flipping through my XFresh note book just now, I came across a poetry that I had planned to submit to PERSETANKAN as my 2nd submission for the "PUITIS" theme. But as I don't have any appropriate silhouette pictures to complement it, I totally abandoned the idea..."Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs" and also a few old memories which I HATE to remember but keep on rewinding when triggered with the correct potion, inspired me to write the poetry...Haha :D Owh well, life goes on *sigh*...Hadapi dengan senyuman~ ;)

Anyway, here's the poetry (sorry, it's in Bahasa):

suapan khabar-khabar tersogok,
cerita hebat sang perempuan helat,
perangkap pesona pesong perjerat pria,
bisakah jemput percaya dan angguk kepala?

melumat di lubuk hatimu yang dangkal,
mudah sangsi, polos dengan seleweng keji,
sinonimkah aku dengan sang kebayan,
yang menyuntik racun jiwamu dengan kucupan?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Premelodic EP Release

Syukur alhamdulillah...after waiting for a few months, NSR had finally released Premelodic's first Mini Album (EP) called "Hari Ini, Esok dan Semalam" in CD & cassette. The EP consists of five (5) songs with a bonus VIDEOCLIP of "Suratan Atau Kebetulan"...The songs in the EP are (in sequence):

Suratan Atau Kebetulan

"Nur" (their 2nd single after
"Suratan Atau Kebetulan") is being airplayed by radio stations at this moment...With the release of this EP, I wish all the best to Premelodic and hope that you guys keep giving your best in whatever you do... *Amin*

Btw, for you guys out there, please get yourself an original copy of their EP NOW!~

Monday, April 24, 2006

Gubra Gubri

After sending my 'lil sis *Anna* to Pudu Station for her ride to Teluk Intan, I went straight back home. Earlier, to avoid the CRAZY traffic at Pudu, I parked my car at Titiwangsa LRT station and took the Star to Pudu. It's quite embarrassing for me to admit this, but LRT ride terrifies me!!! I can't sit still and I don't know where to look! It's like, at least someone is watching you directly in the eyes everytime you shift your gaze to another corner or direction~ Haha, I might sound paranoid to you, but it's truelah, OK? <-- tak puas hati :p

Btw, in the evening I went out with Erik for a movie~ Yeay!! :) We planned to watch GUBRA, and sure enough, no doubt, that Gubra is another winner from Kak Yasmin!~ It's funny, it's romantic, it's sweet, it's brutal...well, it's just LIFE. I even cried secretly :"> We waited until the end of the credits 'coz Erik said that the story has a little twist at the end. After seeing that part, I'm becoming more confused and started to derive my own conclusion and logic out of Gubra. Well..I THINK, that from the start of the movie up to the end of it is actually A DREAM. Orked, I believe is actually dreaming the WHOLE movie, until she finally picked up the phone and hugged the bare-chested Jason at her side *who I also believe is actually her husband and did not actually died in SEPET* Haha..Maybe...maybe... ;)

Quicksilver Revolution Tour

My 'lil sis *Anna* came to KL last Saturday from Teluk Intan for the Quicksilver Party. She have insisted me to follow her to Sunway Lagoon, since that my other 'lil sis *Linda* got few free tickets to the party~ I went to UiTM first to collect Anna and then picked up her bf, Mr Harez with his brother Memen at Shah Alam Komuter station. When we reached Sunway, we took few rounds for parking space *sigh!* I never expected that the walk to Sunway Theme Park main entrance is like from my house to Alpha Angle, haha..and I was sweating like MAD! And the day was so bright and sunny!! ;D

There was nothing much went on, or maybe we've missed the fun since we arrived there quite late *around 5pm*. But we saw a poster that said Click Five *or Clit Fight as John said ;p* will be performing that nite~ Owh well, I'm not into Click Five anyway...so, while we were there, we watched Pop Shuvit and wow, they're just AWESOME!~ Btw, on that day, accidentally I met John. I can recognize that face even from a MILE away, haha!! I didn't have the guts to come up and say "Hi" to him but I'm glad that later on while we were YM-ing he said that he recognized me too :D

Monday, April 10, 2006

Persetankan Picnic at Putrajaya ;)

Looking at these pics bring smiles to my face. I'm having a BLAST that day! Me and the PERSETANKAN Team (Beck & his gf Dhilla, Min & her pacar Erin, Bali, Sashi and Nizam Nuri & his awek Farah) had our picnic at Water Recreation Park, Putrajaya on the 9th of April...The place is not so crowded, even on Sunday :) I would like to thank each and every one of them for the delicious food, the warm friendship and most importantly the laughters!!! Thanks guys~ *xoxo*

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Persetankan - PUITIS

PERSETANKAN! Yes, up to this date I think this theme is the bestest EVER!! PUITIS is derive from the word PUISI, which means POETRY~ This theme requires submission of silhouette photos with words from a poem! If the poem is not written by the submitter him/herself, they need to mention the Poet's name inside the photo. I prefer to write my own, but after a few hours I was totally like giving up the idea...;(

But thanx Erik for presenting me a piece from Cybersastra called: "Wahai Cinta Inilah Nyeri Merindui Wajahmu!", beautifully written by Nanang Suryadi... It's passionate, it's deep, it's meaningful, it's simply the most emotional poem I've ever read!!! It evokes such a feeling that I actually cried once I reached the last word... Seriously you guys need to check it out~ Btw, that piece inspires me to come out with these lines:

"dengari perihal lengkung jiwaku,
beraduk-aduk kesmaran kesumat,
awasi segenap pojok kartika,
disela rindu rawan teramat...

dulunya ganding rangkai khayal,
seperti bulan dimakan Rahu,
usahlah berangkat pergi Cinta,
berbaki gerhana cuma nyawaku..."

Thank you so much Kukie for showing me that wonderful piece~ ;*

Yahoo Widgie Widgie!!

Huhu, I'm going Ga-Ga over Yahoo Widget right now! Thanx Beck for introducing me to this phenomenon *chewah* I keep adding a widgie after another...oh drag, my PC is just toooooo slow!!! I've found this cool widgie name Retrogade3...It's an analog desktop clock that looks like a compass, damn COOL!! Below is what my desktop looks like *for the time being* :D heee~

Monday, April 03, 2006

Art Exhibition: Sepetik Telunjuk...

On the 1st of April, I went to Sepetik Telunjuk Art Exhibiton at Bangsar with Kiah and Erin, and planned to meet up with Kamarol there. After a few turns and rounds I finally admit to Kiah that we've lost the way *tsk tsk*. Thank God Kamarol got there earlier and showed us the location ;)

The opening event was in a slightly relaxed mood...the place is damn cool and the photos are brilliant! Congrats Pek, Palancut, Skalie, Antialias and Rupa + Jiwa!!! The guests were served with pulut, salted fish, boiled tapioca and shredded coconut with sugar...simply YUMMYLICIOUS! :D There, I met Fad *semakin kurus & comel* and a few familiar-looking myspacers...hehe, glad that I went there and met up with Korie *a cute friend that I know just by his myspace profile* :">

After the event, me, Kiah and Erin followed Kamarol to Ampang for MRAB's jamming session. What a nice way to spend a weekend...*sigh - contented*

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Premelodic First EP

Today Erik passed me his artwork *that he already showed me on 19th March* for Premelodic First EP entitled: "Hari Ini, Esok dan Semalam", which means "Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday". He wanted to get some feedback he said ;) Thanx Erik for giving me that opportunity and trust :* Your work is totally SPLENDID! Lurve it very much!~

Btw, if u guys look underneath my blog's avatar, there u can see a piece of the artwork *in MY INTEREST section* :) The EP is not out yet, so..just wait!! It's coming out SOON! I will surely notify it here. OK guys? PEACE :D

Monday, March 20, 2006

UiTM ACCA Dinner 2006

Wuhuuu!!! It was the RETRO darling!!! It has been such a long time since I last went out like a DRAG QUEEN, haha ;D UiTM external students were having a ball *ACCA Dinner* with the theme "Malam Retro" at Saloma Bistro. So, I picked my long dress with psychedelic patterns of cream and chocolate combination to go with my white 60's shades *my friends said: "owh look! it's the Curt Cobain shades!"* ;p I lurveeee tht shades to death~

The dinner was OK, the hall was filled with fashionistas!~ I must say that the students were terribly brilliant in putting their efforts to look good! Some came wrapped in waist-cinching corsets, long fluffy boa, mile-high heels, tons and tons of makeup, high hair chignons and up-dos, wow..they sure looked GOOD ;) It was a shame tht I was attacked with migraine and can't put up a smile after too many photo shoots... To my lurvely sister Linda, thanx for inviting me to tag along, I'm sorry if I bore you with my whining: "Lin, kakzu nak balek, saket paler..." Sorry, sorry, sorry... ;( I DO enjoy the dinner, thanx, and I lurve you Kakcik :*

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Persetankan - Theme: LAGU

New PERSETANKAN theme come again, and now it's LAGU, which means SONG!~ Photo submission must include words from a lyric that represents YOU *in this case it's ME* :D This photo was taken by me with Erik's E-500, while Premelodic was having a jamming session at a studio near Pandan area a few nights before. The lyric is from a song called "Hari Ini, Esok & Semalam", which is actually the title for Premelodic's first EP :) Seeing them so engrossed with what they do at that time, I sneaked behind some of the equipment there to snap some shots... Huhu, I lurve it candid u know ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Persetankan - CINTA (2nd Pic Submission)

As much as I HATE Valentine's Day, and the current PERSETANKAN's theme is giving me the jitters, here I am, submitting my second pic! Haha ;p Actually, the idea for the above photo came from a recent dream... But in that dream, I was holding a DAISY. Yes, DAISY. Tee hee :"> This photo was snapped by Kiah after a few careful instructions from me, 'coz I'm afraid that instead of symbolizing emo-ish feel, it might look tacky & vulgar...huhu. But guess what? Somebody did asked me: "Why did u spread ur legs like that?" DAMN!! I didn't spread my legs okay? Huhu...:">

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Persetankan - CINTA aka LOVE

February...ahh...Valentine's Day... the day that I DETEST most!! Not because of this religion thingy, but honestly I'm most ALONE during Valentine's :( Seeing couples holding hands, hugging each other, buying chocolates and soft toys and perfumes and flowers.... *sigh* I LONG for that... boy, am i PATHETIC!! ;p

Btw, for this submission to PERSETANKAN, I've chosen the pic above, which I snapped using Erik's Olympus E-500 at BB. Last night, both of us prowled BB like we owned it, haha... It's been such a long time since I last held an SLR *whether digital or manual*, and to feel again the excitement of snapping shots behind this man-made love machine is ....simply amazing!! Thanx Erik ;)

Monday, January 16, 2006

Persetankan - Theme: HIJAU (green)

This is my contribution for PERSETANKAN (theme: HIJAU) in January '06. How time flies!! Whew... this pic was snapped by me on 20 Nov 2005 at Kota Malawati, Selangor... seems like yesterday *sigh*

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm Fearless

I'm fearless. If I like a person, straightaway without any doubt, I spit it out. Just like that! If he feels the same, alhamdulillah... If not, I'll back away with style & grace. Never have I felt neither EMBARRASSED, nor DEFEATED. For me, to love is individual's right...

Never have I expected that in my 32 years, I can't simply retreat from a person who has clearly said "NO" to my face. The weirdest thing is, I love him MORE AND MORE! And for the first time in my life, I just simply can't help myself... :(

Friday, January 06, 2006

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Sometimes, contemplating scares me... When my mind starts wandering from a box of subject to another, I started to feel on edge, nervous, sad, even a little mad... Anxiety might kill me one day! When this starts, hurriedly I look up to the sky. Ahh...the sky! Beautiful and mesmerizing with its fluffy white clouds... I'll be a lil' bit calm afterward. In the morning, if the sky is dark and gloomy and it started to rain, I'll be standing near the window sill, hypnotized by the downpour. To wonder that each drop came from a place so far away and finally ends its journey underneath our feet! Such fate! *smiles* When the night comes, I'll be stargazing! Twinkle-one, twinkle-two, twinkle-three... gosh, I'm hooked on stargazing!! It successfully erases all my troubled thoughts... If I can't see the stars, I'll be staring at trees and imagining myself painting a beautiful watercolor picture... a passion I've thrown out the window long time ago *I can't paint, 'nuff said* :( It's either painting or photographing... I wish I have a Nikon D50 :( *that's before I'll upgrading myself to D200, of course!!* Ambition should be HUGE, babe!! *sigh* Other silly thing I do if I'm in dilemma *snickers* is BATHING/SHOWERING. Yes, right, it's a routine where you go into your shower and spend hours and hours in there! *laughing* Being an Aquarian makes me obsessed with water I guess :) Washing away my unhappy thoughts is usually, blissfully LONG. From applying this and that, to scrubbing, to conditioning, to lotion-ing... at that moment, every task is my life and death... as long as it will keep me calm and tranquil.

I'm so terrified of my insomnia... My treacherous mind will be flying to places I don't want to go and my goddamned eyes just can't shut tight! Images flashing like I'm watching the movies. From a scene to another, I surf faster than the broadband!! Very tiring... :( The main theme for all these images is not new to me - it's LOVE. CINTA MATI, CINTA GILA, it's all LOVE! If it's not love, then it will be future dreams or abandoned and unanswered hopes. I try my best not to get stuck into that territory, but my mind is faster than my decisions. And when I came to that familiar junction, all I can do is put on a 'lil smile and cried like I can't cry tomorrow. I HATE to cry... gosh it's so painful!!! I think I'm in a chronic state. Depression? Dear God please NOT. I'm trying to find the missing piece of the puzzle in me. The missing space is labeled "EMPTINESS" and I've tried to fill it with fun-filled weekends, traveling, shopping for things I don't use as much... but still, it's still EMPTY. I just better leave it like that I guess, or wait and see. Or maybe like my best buddy once said: "Wait and Bleed". Pity, I've lost too much blood already and I don't think I'm that strong to wait anymore… Feels like ending the wait with this next period. But...