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Monday, August 07, 2006

Words Seem Insufficient....

Last night I can't sleep. And in despair I wrote this:

"Tergelincir Emosi Kala Jiwa Berlari"

Pena yang menari pantas di atas kertas
adalah aku yang berlari tanpa hala dan tujuan,
ditimpa hujan menggila
dan meraung bersabung guruh berdentum...

Dengan kaki berbogel yang cedera dan luka,
aku terus berlari dan berteriak:
"jiwaku lebih kosong dari bangkai tak bernyawaaaaa!..."

Apa yang TIADA bila aku ADA?
Apa yang ADA bila aku TIADA?


Dan pena ku terhenti kerana aku tiada jawapannya.

Premelodic: Strategy College

Last Saturday (Aug 5th) Premelodic had performed at Strategy College *FYI, Strategy College is formerly called EDI* Bangi for an event (which I can’t quite remember). From Wangsa Maju, me and Erik drove to Bangi via the Sg Besi and waited for Amin and Raja at the Bangi toll. Bob was already there. When Amin and Raja reached there, we again had waited for a friend who was going to show us the way. Eventually (after a few missed turns) we found the college and waited at the car park before being called to perform.

It was nearly 10pm when we walked to the stage area and saw a college band performed “Sedang Ingin Bercinta”. The students were loud with their cheering and clapping, they just rock and I knew at that time that Premelodic will have lotsa fun performing for this bunch ;)

Premelodic had performed a few numbers including “Can’t take My Eyes of You” which involved the students singing together at the top of their lungs with Raja. Nearby, I was busy crawling and climbing *literally* to get better shots of Premelodic with Erik’s E-500. There was a short photo session with the students afterwards.

I better create a Flickr account to put these photos *sigh*. Wait for it, occay?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Let’s Rebonding

*Looking at mirror*
I hate my hair. After 8 months, I MUST again torture my hair for rebonding. People said, once you start rebonding, u can’t stop rebonding. Haha, how true! Just look at my tresses now. More like a wet mop with all the frizzies. YUCK.

*After sitting 5 hours at Jazzia Salon Pudu Plaza*
This is more like it! For FOUR times straight I’ve never switch my choice of hairdresser. They are the best, very meticulous and friendly and most importantly, very cheap occay? For my waist-length locks they had charged me RM 160 for rebonding plus wash and cut. I went out from the salon grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat.

*Glimpsing myself at the car mirror*
Owh look, it’s Adriana Lima! *fat hope* ;p