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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Persetankan - CINTA (2nd Pic Submission)

As much as I HATE Valentine's Day, and the current PERSETANKAN's theme is giving me the jitters, here I am, submitting my second pic! Haha ;p Actually, the idea for the above photo came from a recent dream... But in that dream, I was holding a DAISY. Yes, DAISY. Tee hee :"> This photo was snapped by Kiah after a few careful instructions from me, 'coz I'm afraid that instead of symbolizing emo-ish feel, it might look tacky & vulgar...huhu. But guess what? Somebody did asked me: "Why did u spread ur legs like that?" DAMN!! I didn't spread my legs okay? Huhu...:">

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Persetankan - CINTA aka LOVE

February...ahh...Valentine's Day... the day that I DETEST most!! Not because of this religion thingy, but honestly I'm most ALONE during Valentine's :( Seeing couples holding hands, hugging each other, buying chocolates and soft toys and perfumes and flowers.... *sigh* I LONG for that... boy, am i PATHETIC!! ;p

Btw, for this submission to PERSETANKAN, I've chosen the pic above, which I snapped using Erik's Olympus E-500 at BB. Last night, both of us prowled BB like we owned it, haha... It's been such a long time since I last held an SLR *whether digital or manual*, and to feel again the excitement of snapping shots behind this man-made love machine is ....simply amazing!! Thanx Erik ;)