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Friday, May 26, 2006

These Few Days...

Today is Friday, whew..TGIF, and TGI THIS Friday particularly. I've never been more thankful than today I guess, for THIS Friday I learned to understand so much about myself and my worst behaviour. I was so stressed out from last week...having to finish two proposals and coming out with training materials on three subjects; my commitment nearly drove me to the edge *sigh*

I've felt the fears, the exhaustion and the stress building up, but secretly I hope that everything will work out well and that I have the determination and stamina to deliver and deliver. I didn't get much sleep and enough rest. I could only shut my eyes AFTER 2-AM for dream-filled sleeps that awoke me every 2 hours, and then to get up as early as 6.30 AM, driving straight to Putrajaya for the training.

And finally on May 24, I just can't take it anymore when I nearly pengsan of fatigue at the office *tak tau berapa kali lagi nak jadi lepas ni, tapi tak serik2 jugak!* I called my boss and explained between sobs that I can't deliver my training on Friday *which is TODAY* 'coz I was SO VERY tired (God help me) and am afraid that something BAD might happen if I keep on "heating my engine". Surprisingly, my boss understood my situation and said that I better have a rest and postponed the training! (thank you!)

I've kerah so many people to assist me with my works these few days, and I know that I've done injustice to them. I've scolded, cursed and throw scathing remarks to my colleagues which I deeply regret of doing it. To Ravi, Gjie and Mahathir...if I ever hurt you guys with my tongue-lashing, please please forgive me. I HATE myself most when I'm doing that to you guys...Stress might kill me one day, but I hope that I won't let it kill other people too *sob sob* ;'( I'm sorry guys *hugs*

For those few people who I had a brief chat on YM, sorry for not being able to be there when you guys needed me. I've TRIED my best to reply, and I've replied as short and sweet as possible but that doesn't mean that I'm ANGRY with your slight intervention...How could my few words in YM can be interpreted as anger?
As long as I remember, I've never throw any nasty words at you guys...Please don't simply judge me...You guys should know me better ;( *sedih* If I knew that my few replies might hurt your feelings, I would rather NOT reply at all...*sob*

p/s: payahnya mencuba utk menjadi seorang pekerja yg baik dan sahabat yang sempurna...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hoppipolla In TV Commercials?

Sigur Ros has made their mark on Malaysia's TV Commercials? *u might be asking* Thanx to Erik who point this out to me...We were having late night dinner together when he suddenly asked me to turn my attention to an HSBC Insurance commercial on the big 43inch screen.

"What so special about that?" I asked.
"No, no, LISTEN! Listen carefully to the jingles!" Erik insisted.
Owhhhh, why, it's HOPPIPOLLA lah!!

Sure enough, it's subtly modified should I say, but it's undoubtly Hoppipolla;) Lebih menarik lagi, Erik said that another commercial is also using Hoppipolla-like jingles, a commercial from M Mobile *our own Malaysian made mobile phone with Mawi as their product ambassador tu* I've watched both commercials, and yes, the similarity is there. We start discussing whether there's any possibility that a same advertising company is doing both of the commercials OR maybe that suddenly, everybody is listening to Sigur Ros~ *huehuehue* ;)

Btw, here is a sample of Sigur Ros' Hoppipolla and the M Mobile Commercial *found by Erik in You Tube*. He can't find the HSBC Insurance commercial though..maybe it's simply because there's no Mawi in it~ teeheehee ;p Thanx Erik!!! :*

*oh yeah, just in case u're curious, Hoppipolla means "Hopping into Puddles" - isn't tht cute?* ;)

Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla

M Mobile Commercial

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sudah Tahu Bertanya Pula Part.05

Sudah Tahu Bertanya Pula on 13th May...YEAY!! I've been looking forward for this gig since April 'coz Kamarol's band Mixing Red and Blue (MRAB) will perform on the day. After so many late nights of joining their jamming sessions *menyibuk*, I can't wait to watch them performing my favourite song called "Not As Much As Tomorrow" :D

On 13th May, me and Erik reached Tunestone Klang a 'lil early and the organizer (Demise Records) was still in Ampang, gathering the bands together for a convoy to Tunestone. The gig which was supposed to start at 1pm, bermula around 03.30pm with a replacement band called Teenage Glory for The Wasted...Heavily influenced by bands like Sigur Ros and Mogwai, their music is SO BEAUTIFUL with funny names *contohnye: "Nasir Bilal Khan"* ;p I'm totally spellbounded and literally gasping for air!

The 2nd band was MRAB. Started with
"Not As Much As Tomorrow", they really heated up the show and made my day ;) As usual, Andy the Vox was so energetic, doing his acrobatic acts and at the same time screaming his heart out ;) We didn't stay long *very, very tiredlah* and decided to go back when there were another two bands yet to perform. Btw, below are some of the awesome photos of MRAB, snapped by Erik with his E-500...Thanks ye taw!~ :*

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Getting Artistic & Video Clip Madness

Weeheee!~ I found this software called ArtRage, and OH. MY. GOSH. I LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it!!!!! If you guys are into arts, please try this one. I just marveled at the effect of thick brush (oil painting) strokes! It's sooooooo realistic, the colors even BLEND together!! :O The effect is so realistic that I have the feeling I'll get my tongue wet with paint if I lick my monitor!~ :"> Hehehe, owh gosh I'm so happy with this one *wiping tears* ;D...Owh, what u see up there is my first painting using ArtRage. The idea to come out with this one came from a previous REAL painting from me titled "Thong Love". It's about my undying love for sexy lingerie *hahaha* ;p. This one is a bit edgy and messy from the real one 'coz using mouse totally sux u know, and very the very leceh!!~

Other software that I've downloaded recently is Total Video Converter. I'm using Mozilla Firefox browser and there's an add-on for downloading videos from YouTube, iFilm, Google Video...Bwahahahahaha!!! :)) I DROOL for this one~ Some of the video clips that I've converted are by Bjork, Jamiroquai, Dewa, Padi, Flanella, Ratu and Ada Band. Still MORE to come!!! Hahaha! Owh btw, click this button:

Just in case you want to install Firefox!~ ;)

Monday, May 08, 2006

The 'Laksa' Is NOT Delicious

Ahhh..it's movie outing again~ ;) FYI, I'm so excited and looking forward to each outing. I anticipate to watch something that really STICK and STAY in my mind until the coming of the next movie outing. For this week, after much enjoyment in watching Gubra, and with the purpose to support our local film industry *eceh*, I chose another Malay movie called Man Laksa. It's a film by Mamat Khalid, and since I've watched Rock (also by Mamat Khalid) before, I guess this one will make me laughing hard as well...boy, am I WRONG!!! I'm not laughing, and it's such a shame 'coz the story really has a good plot...One more thing, I seriously can't stand a movie, where the casts say something but their mouths are shaping something else! There's totally NO synchronization, OK? *sigh* I'm MAJORLY disappointed ;(

But u guys know what? My disappointments are always short-lived...At the same time, I got myself a copy of Premelodic first EP, heee :D *laughing with glee*, I bought it at a CD shop called "Rock Corner" in Midvalley, near the GSC. I believe that good food and good music can wash away your sorrows *haha*. So, not satisfied with only getting the EP, I also gobbled some sushis and misu shiru and unagis at the Sushi King...Owh and YES, I was pretty happy after that~ ;)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Poetry That Speaks For ME

While flipping through my XFresh note book just now, I came across a poetry that I had planned to submit to PERSETANKAN as my 2nd submission for the "PUITIS" theme. But as I don't have any appropriate silhouette pictures to complement it, I totally abandoned the idea..."Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs" and also a few old memories which I HATE to remember but keep on rewinding when triggered with the correct potion, inspired me to write the poetry...Haha :D Owh well, life goes on *sigh*...Hadapi dengan senyuman~ ;)

Anyway, here's the poetry (sorry, it's in Bahasa):

suapan khabar-khabar tersogok,
cerita hebat sang perempuan helat,
perangkap pesona pesong perjerat pria,
bisakah jemput percaya dan angguk kepala?

melumat di lubuk hatimu yang dangkal,
mudah sangsi, polos dengan seleweng keji,
sinonimkah aku dengan sang kebayan,
yang menyuntik racun jiwamu dengan kucupan?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Premelodic EP Release

Syukur alhamdulillah...after waiting for a few months, NSR had finally released Premelodic's first Mini Album (EP) called "Hari Ini, Esok dan Semalam" in CD & cassette. The EP consists of five (5) songs with a bonus VIDEOCLIP of "Suratan Atau Kebetulan"...The songs in the EP are (in sequence):

Suratan Atau Kebetulan

"Nur" (their 2nd single after
"Suratan Atau Kebetulan") is being airplayed by radio stations at this moment...With the release of this EP, I wish all the best to Premelodic and hope that you guys keep giving your best in whatever you do... *Amin*

Btw, for you guys out there, please get yourself an original copy of their EP NOW!~