Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Aye Aye Captain!

On July 23rd, me and Erik went to GSC MidValley to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (POTC2). It was 11.25pm, another 35 minutes to Sunday and GSC was buzzing with people on my left and right. Although I was quite concerned that Erik hasn't much sleep the night before, he insisted that we watch the first midnite show, which was around 12.10am. After like infinity waiting in the long queue, it was finally my turn. I was told that there were exactly TWELVE, I mean TWELVE (12) halls were opened for POTC2!! Four halls for the 11.40pm show (Sold Out), four halls for the 12.10am show (Only Separate Seats Left) and four halls for the 12.40am show (Only Seats on the 1st and 2nd Rows Left). We had no choice but to buy the 12.40am show and there was another 1 hour to go. So we lepak-lepak at Cosmic Bowling and later on bergurau mesra with the pets in the glass window of Pet's Wonderland ;D

By the time we were inside Hall 12, I realized that the screen was way TOO BIG and our seats were way TOO CLOSE to the screen. It ended that I have to turn my head from left to right, to read the subtitles. Heheh ;p It is my habit to read subtitles, even if it's in FRENCH :"> The movie was VERY entertaining, I laughed a lot! Johnny Depp is SO talented and he's also handsome beyond words...*sigh* Huehue ;p I won't be wasting my time elaborating and giving descriptions on the movie, I think u guys should just go and watch it. OK? ;)

I can't wait to watch the next sequel of POTC. From a source that I've read, Captain Jack Sparrow will meet his real father in POTC3 and the final movie will be mostly about his life BEFORE becoming the Captain of Black Pearl. Ooooooh, I CAN'T WAIT!! *drooling* ;p~~ Sayangnya, my movie-mate dozed off a few times during
the 3/4 of the movie, which showed some brilliant, unimaginable stunts. Too tired I guess, alahai...*hugs*. Rasa bersalah pun ada for dragging him to watch the midnite show that day...Huhu. Anyway, POTC2 is brilliant. I don't mind to watch it for the 2nd time *which I usually don't do* ;D

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Balik Ke Teluk Intan...

Sengaja aku menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu untuk post yg ini...Mana tau kot-kot Mama aku buka blog aku pada suatu hari nanti dan baca post aku yang ini :) Hehe. Baru-baru ni aku balik kampung aku di Teluk Intan. Pekan yang kecil tapi 'hidup'. Walau berapa banyak kota dan pantai yang aku jejak selama ni, hati aku tetap di Teluk Intan, mungkin sebab di situ ada manusia-manusia yang aku cinta separuh nyawa. Di situ ada kenangan-kenangan indah yang aku mau lalui secara berulang-ulang andai aku mampu membelinya dengan wang ringgit ;)

Tujuan aku balik kampung ialah kerana nak menyambut hari ulangtahun Mama aku yang ke-54 pada 16 Julai. Aku bertolak dalam 11pagi dari KL (15 Julai 2006) bersama-sama Husnie yang kebetulan nak berjumpa dengan kawannya di Teluk Intan. Sampai di rumah, aku bersalam, peluk dan cium kedua-dua orang tua aku. Rindunya! Nak balik selalu, kerja menimbun di pejabat. Bila ada masa dan wang, barulah merasa nak balik kampung walaupun Teluk Intan bukannya jauh dari KL...cuma 2 jam sahaja *kalau aku tekan minyak* hehe.

Mama dah tau aku nak balik, so dia masak Laksa, sebab dia tau aku ni Hantu Laksa! Terimakasih Mama! ;* Ulangtahun Mama aku tahun ni tak dapat aku nak berikan apa-apa sebab kewangan tak mengizinkan, tapi Mama aku tak kisah. Mama aku kata, dah balik tunjuk muka pun dia dah cukup happy...*sob sob* Azzu janji nanti kalau dapat duit bonus Azzu bawa Mama dengan Ayah jalan-jalan naik Cruise Putrajaya OK? *peluk peluk*

Untuk Puan Hasmah Bt Abdul Aziz: Azzu nak ucapkan selamat ulangtahun yang ke-54, moga Allah sihatkan tubuh badan Mama, kabulkan permintaan-permintaan dan doa-doa Mama, dan semoga Mama sentiasa happy dan ceria dengan Ayah...ehem ehem ;p

U're the BESTEST Mama a daughter can have!! Love U Mucho!

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Eerie Side of Re-Cycle

The last time I watched a Chinese movie was in er....wait...er...let me remember...at that time I was in Form 5...so that must be 1991!! Wow! That is wayyyyyyy back; 15 years to be exact! ;D Anyway, on July 12, me and Husnie met at GSC One Utama to watch Re-Cycle. It was jam-packed with moviegoers although it was Wednesday...Maybe most of the people there were students since GSC has special rate for students on Wednesday. We went in at 09.15pm, and at that time, luckily the movie hasn't started yet.

Not like typical Korean or Japanese horror movie, Re-Cycle is UNIQUELY creepy. During the early 3/4 of the movie, it was SOOO scary that I literally squirmed and jumped from my seat! :"> During the show, I felt like taking a leak, but I DIDN'T DARE to go to the loo. U know how it seems unnecessary for a restroom to have so many mirrors? *as if trying to prove a point here* Uhuhuuu~ Re-Cycle is absurdly SCARY and I knew that I'll be dreaming about it when I laid my head on my pillow that night. Nearing the end, the story suddenly turns to a sad tale. But then, the twist at the end of the movie is a spoiler *meaning=literally SPOILED the whole movie, ok?*. I simply DON'T GET IT! I hate to watch something that I don't understand. Am I too STOOPID for this type of movie? Bruhaha~

After the movie, we lepak-ed at Khalifah Bistro *a mapley near my office* and we chatted until 02.30am. FYI, I INTENTIONALLY dragged the hours as to calm my jitteriness from watching that movie.

No more scary movie for me this July, thank u!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Pesta Bola Era - Malacca (Day 2)

I woke up quite late the second day. I always have problem adjusting myself to new environment. Before I went to sleep last night, I checked under the duvet, behind the curtains, under the sofas and last but the most important; inside the closet and drawers. PARANOID ME :"> Me and Rinie thought that since we were in Malacca, might as well we acted like tourist and roamed the city, teeheehee ;) Malacca is splendid and I was in a jubilant mood!! I guessed it was probably the doing of the air. I can smell the beach from the wind. Yes, smelled it. The smell of salt water and fishes and the sand...*sigh* Beach is Love, ok? :D

After we packed all things and set to check out from the hotel, Rinie suggested that we all go to Indori for lunch. I had no objection on that and thinking about the food that me and Rinie had the day before, made me only CRAVE for more. So, all the seven of us were having a feast there! Our table were filled with more than 20 types of lauk, all DELICIOUS! And we were glad that the guys love it too. Makan sampai terduduk taw! Heheh ;P After we had our fill, we went to Muzium Rakyat (sila rujuk gambarajah di atas..heee), The A'Famosa and St Paul's Church which is on the opposite of St John's Hill. According to records, there is an underground tunnel linking the A'Famosa to St John's Hill, but up to these days, the tunnel is yet to be found. Very interesting huh? We took a few photos there, but I can't yet upload them here since the photos are not with me. I'll upload them at a later time in the coming post ok? ;)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pesta Bola Era - Malacca (Day 1)

Lamernye dah tak menulis!! I'm getting lazier and lazier each passing day...Well not so much happened in July. Maybe it's too early for me to conclude that July 2006 is a boring month. Btw, the start of the month was a memorable day for me. On the 1st of July, I packed a few things and went straight to Raja's house. There, Raja and Rinie were already waited for me. We were off to Malacca for Pesta Bola ERA!! ;) Premelodic is one of the performers for that event. I was so giddy with excitement; it has been such a long time since I last had a vacation. Malacca is not so alien to me. I've been there 3-4 times already, so I know that this vacation will turn out just swell!~

Erik, Bob, Amin and Zul was in Bob's Kenari, while Rinie, Raja and myself was in Rinie's Citra. We reached there around noon. The weather was SO HOT! Me and Rinie dropped the guys at the hotel and we started to hunt for food! God, we were famished!!! Through sheer instinct and pure luck *hehe* with a worn restaurant brochure called Indori as guideline, we finally found the spot! Indori serves Nasi Padang and up to this day I still think that their Nasi Padang is THE BEST...H-E-A-V-E-N-L-Y so to say!! We can't wait to go back to the hotel and tell the guys how much we enjoyed our lunch. Hehe ;) In the evening, we followed the Astro bus to Stadium Hang Tuah. There, we met Myra of Beat TV who is actually a good friend of Rinie. To Myra, it was a tremendous pleasure to meet and know u. U're a doll, and a funny one too! ;*

Premelodic was supposed to perform during half-time but
they had performed before the game started since that one of the referee is nowhere to be found and the crowd started to get restless. The match between Astro's Celebrities and the DJs from Era Radio turned out to be not so enjoyable. I've already forgot the score. Later, other performers like Shazzy, Syuga and Pretty Ugly entertained the crowd. Pesta Bola Era ended late at night with a live telecast of AF4 followed by the World Cup 2006 match between England and Portugal. We didn't stay that long and went back early to the hotel, showered and gathered at the hotel's cafeteria to watch England vs. Portugal. Sadly, England was defeated by Portugal during the penalty ;'( *sob sob* Nothing much happened that night except that I've the opportunity to watch the "usual" nightlife of Malacca from the hotel's main entrance. Oh wow...it was Lumba Haram. Mat Rempits filled the highway like maggots, huh. PEST!!