Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Persetankan - New Year's Resolutions

These are my contributions for PERSETANKAN for the theme RESOLUSI *which means Resolution*. The above pic was snapped by Erik *thanx Kukie* while we were at the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan during the weekend after we came back from a gig in Manjung with Mixing Red and Blue (MRAB).

On our way back to KL, we stopped by at Kota Malawati, and the second pic was snapped by me there... Such a serene place, except that the monkeys terrify the shit out of me!... But such wonderful memories, I wish I can go back to those days :)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Persetankan - Theme: EID

PERSETANKAN's theme for this November is EID *for the Eidul Fitri's celebration*... One of the requirements is - B&W Photo. Aw gosh, I dun have any B&Ws!! Thanx God a friend of mine have his camera with him, so I snapped this at the office *to be exact - The Training Room* ;D Luckily also that I have few money envelopes in my bag at that time! :)

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Persetankan - MUBARAQ!

With the coming of Ramadhan the Fasting Month, I've decided to submit this pic, which I snapped *using Erik's Nikon* during twilight at Seksyen 2, Wangsa Maju... It's nearby to my house, just around the corner should I say... ;)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Persetankan - 1st Submission: RAHSIA

OK, allright... I HATE to tadmit this but... I've made a BIG BIG mistake when I submit this picture for PERSETANKAN! Ahahaha, dangggg!!!~ The first theme is called RAHSIA, which means SECRET. OK fine, laugh out loud if you want to.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

It's August 31 - Independence Day...

Arhhh...Merdeka Day come & go~ On the Merdeka's Eve I felt quite lonely *pathetic* ;p if not for the Premelodic show at Yamaha, Kelana Jaya! I went there with Surie and Maz and found Ina, Rienie, Raja, Erik, Amin, Bob and Boy were already there. The crowd mostly came for the Yamaha Warehouse Sale, which is like sooooooo COOL and the guitars and keyboards are sooooo damn CHEAP!!! *why oh why I've spent all my month's salary?* :( After the show we all went to the nearest mapley for makan-makan. My Merdeka celebration was just like any other day it seems... Except for the show~ huhu

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Date with a Star

I wrote this when I can't cope with my longing for that sumone no more... I looked out at the night sky and there I saw that sumone's face. So, I picked a pen and started to write...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Another Poetry: GOODBYE

Imagining myself DEAD...dying is not as fearsome as leaving those you love behind...

Standing at the edge,
I see me inside the grave..
My momma's cheeks wet with tears
My daddy's arms encircled her...
My sisters, brothers all hug each other
Small muffled sobs escape their lips
My friends all look so sad and somber
My neighbours keep quiet and try to remember

The person I am...oh...the person I WAS...

I'm glad you are all here
Thanks for the visit my dears...
Stop those tears, ease those fears

For you my LOVE
Take care of yourself!
I don't expect it to end like this...
I'm forever inside your heart,
Keeping you warm through days and nights

May you find a sweet girl
To love you like I do
Or even so much more,
that I can't give you before...
Who'll bring back your smile
Your laughter, your hapiness...
Who'll guard you from the storm,
Making love when you feel most alone...

Looking at you,
You with those eyes so helpless
Send jabs of needles to my heart...
A corpse I am, with a bleeding soul

I kiss your lips
Like we kissed before...
Slow and lingering, fueled our passion
Now they are salty with your tears,
and now you kiss me back no more..... :(

Goodbye love, forever goodbye...
Release me...let me fly!


I CAN'T SLEEP!!! :( Red Alert: "Restless Insomniac"

Misery awakes me this hour
Crushing my skull with cold hard facts
Left me trembling

Misery awakes me from my sleep
Shoving daggers up my eyes
Till they show on another side
Left me staring at the ceiling

Misery leave me alone!
I'm sick...
I'm tired...
I'm broken...
Give me some space for OBLIVION!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

That Burning Candle Is for You

That's the meaning for another malay poetry of mine below... I'm pouring my heart out to that person *AGAIN*... tsk tsk... *sigh*

Friday, April 22, 2005


Another piece from me, love DOES drive you crazy~ ;D I always miss that waffle's smell... *sigh*

I've touched heaven
when I touched you
So sweet... You smell
of biscuits, waffles and cookies
Fill my nights with delicious dreams...

Your warm soft skin
Of honey cream velvet
Moans to be loved
and hugged and kissed...
I'll give those to you
Fill the empty spaces

I'll be your underscore...
I'll be your lovewhore...
Dignity is naught than my love

Sense your trailing hot breath,
on my forehead...
on my cheeks...
on my mouth...
Swollen lips connect
of sensual kisses that still lingers
Flame of passions... eat me alive!

Love unmistakably this is
So big that it swept me,
and engulfed me,
and pushed me aside...
To the edge of no return
To somewhere I've never been before
But here I am... in heaven...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Unforgettable Sight

After coming back from Genting *Kota Keriangan* I just can't forget about the trip... There's something MAGICAL about Genting that day. Around 3.00am, the wind is terribly cold and furious!! But I've never felt more contented in my life as that day. With HIM we are literally walking amidst clouds! This piece is dedicated to that person..HIM :)

In the howling wind
You sit there
Manage to throw me a smile
A smile so rare
In this roaring wind
And deathly chill
You look like an angel
Falling lightly on your feet
Touching the moist earth

Scoop me up to heaven
O' beautiful creature of God
Cradle me in your arms
Protect me from the cold
Unbelievably you
It's YOU all along...

You hair is wet with dew
Shivering like a leaf
You look so forlorn my dear
May I keep you near?
Near to my heart and warm embraces
It's such a safe, safe place... I promise...

Still you sit there unmoving
Singing songs of emotion so deep
Tearing my heart through each silence lapse
Your eyes so pure of innocent child
But a man indeed you are
A man I vow to care and protect
Like a silk cocoon wrapping around
Soft and cushy as you land and fall...

This sight of you etched deep in my thoughts
I won't forget nor I forgot...

Monday, April 11, 2005

First Submission!

'Tis my 1st submission for this blog.. :"> it's a poetry called Zikir Cinta, which means "Recitation of Love". For those who don't understand, don't bother..it's mostly about love, yadda yadda yadda :D *sorry for the small pic, u've to click it if u want to read it* sorry :">