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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I Saw The Sign...

Another movie review...Ahhh, I love this movie. I've been collecting The Omen (1976) VCDs previously, where the role of ambassador was played by Gregory Peck *this guy was awesome* and Damien was played by Harvey Stephens. Not so much news on this guy you can find on the net, but from what I've read, he had his hair straightened and colored jet-black for the Damien role. And he got the part when he punched the director's BALLS! Ahahaha~~ :D

And now it's The Omen (2006)...The latest Damien looks even more sinister, you can almost smell the evil forces stemming from his presence~ *chewah, i'm being dramatic puler* ;p For me, the story is so-so, but nevertheless very scary~ Some parts of the movie like when Robert Thorn and the photographer were attacked by the dogs at the cemetery, or when the Evil Nanny pounced on Robert Thorn, really made me jumped on my seat and cowered under Erik's armpit. Haha, sori laaa ;">

I'm quite disappointed when Erik had pointed out that some of the clips in the movie trailer is not there! True. After I checked the website and watched the trailer, I realized that there's more to it. Maybe dah kene cut kot? Btw, I stumbled upon another interesting fact...very very interesting...Harvey Stephens a.k.a Damien1976 is one of the tabloid reporter in The Omen (2006)!! Maybe I should watch the movie again and try to catch his glimpse :)

Oh yeah, I also post here both Damiens from The Omen (1976) & (2006). Which one do you think is the best to represent the Son of Satan?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Since February?

It's quite embarrassing for me to tell you this, but let's share this story together-gether ok, ambil contoh like my mother once said :"> OK lah..it was like this..I was otw going back to Wangsa Maju with Erik right after we watched The Da Vinci Code. When I turned to Seksyen 2, there was a long queue and we can see that there was a roadblock in front of us. Luckily I seldom used that road to go to our usual markas for makan-makan.

I turned at a junction on my right and I was thinking like "woohoo, we've escaped from Mr Policeman Q&A and penetrating gaze" *u guys know wht I mean, like watching u up and down as if u're a fugitive on the run* but my joy was very brief 'coz rite in front there was another roadblock. Owh heck..but nevermind, I dun have anything to worry about *i guess...duh~* Mr Not-So-Handsome Policeman (NSHP) asked me to stop at the roadside, and motioned me to come out..

Me: "Ye encik..? Apa salah saya?"
Mr NSHP: "Awak punya roadtax dah overdue. Sejak Februari!"
Mr NSHP: "Ini dah kira melampau lamanya, bagi IC."
Me: "Er..? Februari? Biar betol encik!"
Me: "Rasa2 bulan August kot baru mati, incek!"
Mr NSHP: "Takkan saya nak tipu pulak! IC. Lesen memandu sekali!"
*looking at the windshield - utk kepastian*
Me: "Adui encik, saya tak perasan lansung..."

And that was not all, I also didn't have my IC and driving license with me at that time! How CONVENIENT! *arghghh!!!!* and so...I was fined RM50 for that. And to think that I've been driving my Saga with its overdued roadtax all this while.

Gila! Tak pernah plak kene saman, kena saman plak dekat2 area rumah. Cantek.

Serves me right! *sigh* ;S

Monday, June 05, 2006

Let's Unscramble The Code

I remember watching Man Laksa...It was somewhere early May. It's been a month already lah! After my traumatic experience with Man Laksa, I vowed not to watch any Malay movie *at the cinema* ANYMORE! I'm not saying that Malay movie sux ok? I'll surely bought the ori VCD if it's worth the watch *mane la pegi VCD PGL aku ye?*

Anyway, on June the 3rd, me and Erik went to GSC MidValley to watch the long-awaited, The Da Vinci Code...Huhuhu, I am so teruja! Hall 10 was SO packed. Our seat was the 2nd row from the large screen, and it was LARGE I tell you, but I dun mind a bit. I was immensely overjoyed at that time to fuss about petty things ;) Btw, the movie is spectacular. I love strong, heavy movies like Da Vinci, particularly if the story revolves around religion & politic *but NO war movie for me plis, it's just too sad*

What I like about The Da Vinci Code is that, it answers questions..there's a scene at the airport, and these guys are in the airplane, running from the police, and I was like: "hey, how come they get inside the car so fast?" and presto at that moment there's a scene showing that they had jumped out from the moving plane and rushed to hide inside the nice, shining, black antique car *is that Aston Martin or Bentley?..;p~~~*

I love this movie and I dun mind to watch it over and over again. Even kawan kite *Erik* was glued to his chair from start until the end of the movie. Tak keluar hisap rokok tu! Hehe ;D

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Moving to a New Office

Eventually and officially my office is now situated in Kota Damansara. After a few days of hustling and bustling, with packing things, moving this and that, finally, THANK GOD!! Thank you dear God! Tiringlah I tell you. I hate to move in a sense that there is a lot of work need to be done, but seriously I'm very happy with the new location *compared to Kepong..duh!* :P ;')
Tomorrow I'll be going to Putrajaya for a training. Mind u ladies and gentlemen, I AM THE INSTRUCTOR, bwahahaha!!!.....No, it's NOT fun since that I'm still lethargic with this pindah-pindah thingy *sigh*
I'm desperate for a vacation!!!
Singapore jom, tinguk Mogwai~ ;)
*sambil checking my purse*