Monday, April 24, 2006

Gubra Gubri

After sending my 'lil sis *Anna* to Pudu Station for her ride to Teluk Intan, I went straight back home. Earlier, to avoid the CRAZY traffic at Pudu, I parked my car at Titiwangsa LRT station and took the Star to Pudu. It's quite embarrassing for me to admit this, but LRT ride terrifies me!!! I can't sit still and I don't know where to look! It's like, at least someone is watching you directly in the eyes everytime you shift your gaze to another corner or direction~ Haha, I might sound paranoid to you, but it's truelah, OK? <-- tak puas hati :p

Btw, in the evening I went out with Erik for a movie~ Yeay!! :) We planned to watch GUBRA, and sure enough, no doubt, that Gubra is another winner from Kak Yasmin!~ It's funny, it's romantic, it's sweet, it's brutal...well, it's just LIFE. I even cried secretly :"> We waited until the end of the credits 'coz Erik said that the story has a little twist at the end. After seeing that part, I'm becoming more confused and started to derive my own conclusion and logic out of Gubra. Well..I THINK, that from the start of the movie up to the end of it is actually A DREAM. Orked, I believe is actually dreaming the WHOLE movie, until she finally picked up the phone and hugged the bare-chested Jason at her side *who I also believe is actually her husband and did not actually died in SEPET* Haha..Maybe...maybe... ;)

Quicksilver Revolution Tour

My 'lil sis *Anna* came to KL last Saturday from Teluk Intan for the Quicksilver Party. She have insisted me to follow her to Sunway Lagoon, since that my other 'lil sis *Linda* got few free tickets to the party~ I went to UiTM first to collect Anna and then picked up her bf, Mr Harez with his brother Memen at Shah Alam Komuter station. When we reached Sunway, we took few rounds for parking space *sigh!* I never expected that the walk to Sunway Theme Park main entrance is like from my house to Alpha Angle, haha..and I was sweating like MAD! And the day was so bright and sunny!! ;D

There was nothing much went on, or maybe we've missed the fun since we arrived there quite late *around 5pm*. But we saw a poster that said Click Five *or Clit Fight as John said ;p* will be performing that nite~ Owh well, I'm not into Click Five, while we were there, we watched Pop Shuvit and wow, they're just AWESOME!~ Btw, on that day, accidentally I met John. I can recognize that face even from a MILE away, haha!! I didn't have the guts to come up and say "Hi" to him but I'm glad that later on while we were YM-ing he said that he recognized me too :D

Monday, April 10, 2006

Persetankan Picnic at Putrajaya ;)

Looking at these pics bring smiles to my face. I'm having a BLAST that day! Me and the PERSETANKAN Team (Beck & his gf Dhilla, Min & her pacar Erin, Bali, Sashi and Nizam Nuri & his awek Farah) had our picnic at Water Recreation Park, Putrajaya on the 9th of April...The place is not so crowded, even on Sunday :) I would like to thank each and every one of them for the delicious food, the warm friendship and most importantly the laughters!!! Thanks guys~ *xoxo*

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Persetankan - PUITIS

PERSETANKAN! Yes, up to this date I think this theme is the bestest EVER!! PUITIS is derive from the word PUISI, which means POETRY~ This theme requires submission of silhouette photos with words from a poem! If the poem is not written by the submitter him/herself, they need to mention the Poet's name inside the photo. I prefer to write my own, but after a few hours I was totally like giving up the idea...;(

But thanx Erik for presenting me a piece from Cybersastra called: "Wahai Cinta Inilah Nyeri Merindui Wajahmu!", beautifully written by Nanang Suryadi... It's passionate, it's deep, it's meaningful, it's simply the most emotional poem I've ever read!!! It evokes such a feeling that I actually cried once I reached the last word... Seriously you guys need to check it out~ Btw, that piece inspires me to come out with these lines:

"dengari perihal lengkung jiwaku,
beraduk-aduk kesmaran kesumat,
awasi segenap pojok kartika,
disela rindu rawan teramat...

dulunya ganding rangkai khayal,
seperti bulan dimakan Rahu,
usahlah berangkat pergi Cinta,
berbaki gerhana cuma nyawaku..."

Thank you so much Kukie for showing me that wonderful piece~ ;*

Yahoo Widgie Widgie!!

Huhu, I'm going Ga-Ga over Yahoo Widget right now! Thanx Beck for introducing me to this phenomenon *chewah* I keep adding a widgie after another...oh drag, my PC is just toooooo slow!!! I've found this cool widgie name Retrogade3...It's an analog desktop clock that looks like a compass, damn COOL!! Below is what my desktop looks like *for the time being* :D heee~

Monday, April 03, 2006

Art Exhibition: Sepetik Telunjuk...

On the 1st of April, I went to Sepetik Telunjuk Art Exhibiton at Bangsar with Kiah and Erin, and planned to meet up with Kamarol there. After a few turns and rounds I finally admit to Kiah that we've lost the way *tsk tsk*. Thank God Kamarol got there earlier and showed us the location ;)

The opening event was in a slightly relaxed mood...the place is damn cool and the photos are brilliant! Congrats Pek, Palancut, Skalie, Antialias and Rupa + Jiwa!!! The guests were served with pulut, salted fish, boiled tapioca and shredded coconut with sugar...simply YUMMYLICIOUS! :D There, I met Fad *semakin kurus & comel* and a few familiar-looking myspacers...hehe, glad that I went there and met up with Korie *a cute friend that I know just by his myspace profile* :">

After the event, me, Kiah and Erin followed Kamarol to Ampang for MRAB's jamming session. What a nice way to spend a weekend...*sigh - contented*